Erin Andrews Talks “Dream Job” And Pam Oliver

By: Amanda Crum - July 15, 2014

Erin Andrews has a new job, and although it comes with a lot of rewarding challenges, she says she knows she has some mighty big shoes to fill.

The announcement was made on Monday that Andrews will be taking over for Pam Oliver on the sidelines at Fox; this season will be Oliver’s last for the network. Although Andrews has made headlines recently with her co-hosting gig on Dancing With The Stars, she’s a seasoned sports reporter and says she has looked up to Oliver since she got started in the business.

Andrews says the new job is a “dream come true“, adding, “It’s what I think I’ve wanted, it’s pretty much what every sports fan that loves the NFL would love to do at some point. To work with those guys and to be with that crew, it is a dream come true. It’s exactly what I’ve wanted.”

Andrews found herself in the middle of some controversy when she took over on DWTS, as she was brought in right as Brooke Burke-Charvet was unceremoniously booted from the position. However, fans and the judges have taken a liking to her from the start, and she says she will still have time to co-host the show as per her contract with Fox.

“I know I have huge, huge shoes to fill. There’s nobody I’ve watched more over these past 15, 20 years than Pam Oliver and what she did and the precedent she set. How she worked tirelessly day in and day out and really set the standard for women and sideline reporters and so much more than that. I can’t thank her enough for being a wonderful role model. This is not going to be easy for me. What I set out on day 1 was to be someone like Pam, I hope I can just hold up that end of the bargain,” she said.

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  • Jose

    I love Erin, Pam need a new make over or a new face, ugly women don’t belong on the sideline

    • dkwn36

      dude you don;’t know what you are talking about.

      • $2140725

        Yes he does. She isn’t very pretty and what’s worst, she is lousy at her job. She should have been replaced a long time ago. AND PLEASE, IT ISN’T A BLACK THING, NO MATTER WHAT YOU THINK.

        • Brianne Gonzalez

          who even said anything about a black thing? have you ever even seen erin Andrews report? if you think that she’s better and more professional than pam oliver then it’s clear you haven’t though that’s obvious by the first thing you pointing out is that “she isn’t very pretty”

          • Notorious White Kong

            Horseface Andrews is terrible at reporting. She’s only hired because of her huge tatas. Hoping a football hits her in that schnozz. Forcing her to fix it.

          • gmkirksey

            Thank you Brianne Gonzalez, what a great post! How interesting is it that he mention “black thing”? Why did he feel the need to post that? Erin Andrews clearly reads from a script of probable questions? I just watched her interview a few players at the ALL- STAR GAME/MLB, and she kept looking at her script , then played off with laughter. It was very awkward for 2 of the players.

        • gmkirksey

          If Pam Oliver was so lousy at her job, then she wouldn’t have lasted 20 years IDIOT! Your standard of beauty is yours alone. Let’s keep it real, Erin Andrews reads from a SCRIPT. Pam Oliver has 20 years of experience & Knowledge of the same. If it wasn’t a color or “black thing”, you wouldn’t have mention it. Where is your picture papa1233? 2 ugly guys posting IGNORANT comments. Erin Andrews nose is not appealing. I can’t believe you had the nerve to include a disclaimer about “black thing”. Clearly, you have some deep seated problems. It’s 2014 GROW UP! Post something worth reading about.

        • Sherry

          Papa1233, I’m sure you got the skills and can do way better, huh????

      • gmkirksey

        Thank you dkw36, Jose has no clue. Pam Oliver will be missed, because her KNOWLEDGE of the game. Pretty dam impressive for a woman in a male dominated sports. Erin Andrews knows this as well.

    • MrSativa

      Look in the mirror Dickface.

      • Sherry

        Right On, MrSativa!!!

    • Murphy Louviere

      You must be blind!!!

    • Brianne Gonzalez

      you sound like an idiot and your closed minded remarks make it apparent that you are single and prob still living with your parents.

    • gmkirksey

      How nasty can you be Jose? I notice you have no picture of yourself. Erin Andrews is NOT a season sports reporter. Pam Oliver is a NATURAL when it comes to the Players & the game. Erin reads her questions from a script MORON! Erin Andrews is far from BEAUTIFUL herself, that long nose says it all…What a JERK? IGNORANT ….Are you even legal?

    • Sherry

      Jose, I seen you before and you’re pretty ugly yourself!!!!

  • Ravzie

    Erin may be good for sports, but she is crude on DWTS. I was hoping her “dream job” would end her run on DWTS.

  • harley5571

    Perfect example in this country why women spend zillions to stay looking young..I had NO problem with Pam..She was a trailblazer..No wonder teenage girls in this country get boob jobs, nose jobs etc..We have lost out moral compass!

    • $2140725

      With Pam, it wasn’t about her looks as much as that she was just lousy at her job. That’s my opinion.

    • Don

      Define moral compass. Too many examples of sh!t compass and it starts at the top and rolls down hill. I laugh at the thought/idea of “gender equality” or even the notion that we are all created equal. It’s more like, we are trying to create gender equality. I have seen/experienced this in the military and then corporate america! More and more, its the old saying of “who you know and who you blow”……..

  • Jose

    Her career sure has taken off ever since the hotel peeping tom story.

    • John Rod

      Exactly. ESPN took really good care of her after that. Just like after Joe Namath tried to force himself on Suzy Kobler, her career really took off too.

  • Murphy Louviere

    Will she show us her boobs?? The pic through the keyhole is blurry!!!

    • Don

      Yea, cause I’m not tuning in to listen to her views on anything… least put her in a bikini while “reporting”…..

  • Jai Simmons

    I don’t see what the big deal is about Erin Andrews. She’s a mess. Seems like that peeping tom incident has spurred folks to look at her. Hmmmm very interesting.

  • hatetoregister

    I don’t dislike Erin as a person, but I absolutely hate her as a reporter! She asks stupid questions. She also has a really annoying, nasal voice. It is almost like fingernails going across a chalkboard. I wish her the best, but Pam Oliver was by and large much better. However, Pam is 53 and Erin is 36. Pam has been doing her sideline reporting for almost as long as Erin has been alive (ok – I’m exageratting – Pam has been doing it for about 20 years!). Erin will last a year or so and then the nightmare that is her voice will be over. I wish Pam all the best.

    • $2140725

      I wish Pam all the best also. Just as long as I don’t have to see her on the sidelines anymore.

    • Mach3

      All reporters ask the same questions: How did you feel about that victory? Coach, what adjustments will you make in the next half.

  • John Rod

    Erin Andrews is horrible sideline reporter. Go back and watch the Richard Sherman interview after the Superbowl win and compare it to the ESPN Deportes interview. Erin Andrews made viewers at home feel uncomfortable. She should have been fired immediately!

  • Don

    101 on how to obtain a better job, play the sympathy card. ( I have ptsd, someone was watching me get undressed. Can I sue them for 10 million? Really, 10 million? Like this can’t be “set” up? I’m not condoning invasion of privacy, making a point about her “moral” scruples, see video of her on dancing with the “gays”.) Gotta love the executives who put these puppets on tv to try and draw from a greater “diversified” audience. If you’re going to do this, at least put them in bikinis (Russia is at least smart about it, women weather “men” stripping) cause I’m not tuning in to listen to a woman’s views on sports… fact, I’m tuning out cause its literally a joke.

  • Brianne Gonzalez

    the most overrated, horrible sports reporter out there. just goes to show that as long as you look pretty and over expose yourself then it really doesn’t matter if you lack substance

  • Don

    This is probably an even greater example of bs in this country. Try going to va for care if you are a returning combat veteran. Put before you is a person with a college degree in psych., (someone with lack of experience/been there done that if you will) if you truly do have an issue with ptsd from combat. Put before you is a feminist or gay, you know, someone who probably got into the field because they themselves have mental health issues. What a fvcking joke this country is!!!! Do away with va mental health care all together. I know what these men and women need and for the most part, its decent paying jobs and the respect they’ve earned.

    Show me a man or woman who is dis abled from war and I will give them the proper treatment they deserve. It starts with a pension that they’ve earned (the pension comes with a (don’t fvck with this veteran behind the scenes) and treat this person as if they piss liquid gold because they have actually done something for the country by putting their life on the line). Trust me, not the case in my case.

  • lance

    You know she just slept with the network heads…..

  • larry polizzotto

    I still can’t comprehend the need for these women sideline reporters in any male sport other than for sexist reasons. They ask the dumbest questions just to fill time. One of the worst is that Marokovitz girl on the Yankee games……they all ask “softball” questions. Not that male reporters don’t either, but having females do male sports is like having males doing crochet seminars.

  • David

    Dream Job working the Streets of NY I guess is the same as Code Word “Sidelines” . Who really cares about her Dream Job and who wonderful her life is. If Fox Really wanted to keep up the name Fox she really isn’t one. We put to much into these people. they are JUST Working for a living.

  • kevin

    I turn the channel every time pam or erin comes on nothing to do with looks or race they don’t report, they question with stupid questions at best. there’s nothing ever to report we just got done watching everything they talk about. boring space fillers

    • hatetoregister


      “…..there’s nothing ever to report we just got done watching everything they talk about.”

      Honestly, that is 100% the truth! LOL…..I hadn’t thought about it that way, but you are right! We don’t need EITHER ONE of them!

  • Jennifer Anne Lewis

    Maybe it isn’t a black thing as much as a younger thing and what people perceive as beauty. First of all, the person who belongs on the field reporting is the person who is most knowledgeable about what it is they are reporting. And let’s face it: the media as well as the NFL are run by men, the majority of white men, and it is all about what men want to see. Even if Erin Andrews could report, men are not interested in what she has to say. My heart aches for little girls and young women who grow up thinking 1. this is the “epitome” of beauty and 2. women are not taken seriously in the sports world. God Bless.

  • Conservativeavenger

    I hate all sideline interviews; they should leave the players ALONE during the games. And is there ANYTHING more obnoxious than stopping a head coach on the way in to half time to ask patently stupid questions??? That said, Pam Oliver is as good as any of them; Andrews belongs back on the college sidelines.

  • Sherry

    No job is secure with Erin Andrews around. She’s already has taken Brooke Burke- Charvet’s job at DWTS, now she has taken Pam Oliver’s job.