Erin Andrews Braves Frigid Cold in Green Bay

    January 5, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Erin Andrews knew it would be cold in Green Bay, Wisconsin on Sunday, so she planned accordingly for her stint as Fox’s sidelines reporter. It was so cold, in fact, that health officials in Wisconsin were actually warning people to stay inside. The Packers and the 49ers fans must have missed that warning, however, because they were there in full force, right along with Erin.

So how did the former Dancing With the Stars contestant and long time sports reporter get ready for the frigid Green Bay temps? She brought all sorts of battery operated warming accoutrements to the game with her. She had heated gloves, heated socks and even heated insoles to stick inside of her boots. She no doubt had extra batteries at the ready behind the scenes, too.

Erin Andrews shared her methods of preparation with her fans and followers via Twitter both days before the game and on Sunday as well.

It’s a good thing that Erin Andrews is one tough cookie, as well as good at planning ahead for adverse weather conditions. Of course that all goes with the job of reporting at high profile sporting events like Sunday’s game. Lucky for Erin, she doesn’t often encounter temps as low as 5 above, with a wind chill significantly lower than that.

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  • joeshittheragman

    That’s her job, idiots!!!

    • Response to Joe

      This is America Joe. In America, all women are put on a pedestal just for breathing. Especially if they are good looking or nearly good looking. Yep, she makes $800,000 a year to stand on a sideline and say basically 5 sentences a game. Yet, somehow she is doing something phenomenal. I really don’t think people realize how much that woman makes for really doing nothing. I wouldn’t feel too sorry for her. It is not like she is a single mom and working a 12 hour shift making minimum wage.

      • Phil

        Yeah it is the American way. Women use sex and sex appeal to get whatever they want and once they get older and can’t do that anymore, then they tell the world how they were victimized. I swear, when women are born, they should all be handed bumper stickers saying “I am a victim.”

        It is kind of like Angelina Jolie. She used sex to jump start her entire career and now she speaks out for woman’s issues. It is so hypocritical. It always happens when they are older. Never when they are younger and capitalizing off of it. You wait and see. When Miley hits 40, she will come out and say she was a victim of the very things she is choosing to do now. Women are a piece of work.

        • http://yahoo chris ericksen

          at the rate she’s going, Miley may not make 40

    • Mick Dakota

      The cold air would hardly do more to freeze her dead brain !!! 100% truth be told, Andrews never would have made the career strides she has made if not for those nude pics of her. She is a horrid sports reporter, as many other sports reporters have made known off camera (my cousin works in production at ESPN)…

  • You Know

    You know. It is really apparent that if this country were ever taken over. The women in this country would be in deep trouble. They aren’t very tough and always think of their own comfort. Andrews spends a lot of time on vacation at the beach. I think she can handle one day in Green Bay.

    I don’t know what to think of Andrews. I always wondered about her “Peeping Tom” incident. The video is so blurry that it could be any blond. Then it was only after ESPN wrote the website that the video was taken down. So how did ESPN know it was her? The person who put the video up didn’t even say it was Erin Andrews. Then Andrews told the world through her attorney.

    At the end of the day, I find her to be phony. I actually find most of those women to be phony. There are a few good female reporters out there but most get their job because of their looks. You never see a fat or ugly woman on TV. Hell, look at NFL network. Every women their looks like the were once in Playboy.

    I just have a hard time buying the Andrews peeping Tom incident. I mean she is pretty but she isn’t a bombshell. Her boobs are very much fake and look nothing like her boobs early in her career. I could go down to my local strip joint and find way hotter women than her. Why would anyone peep in her hotel room and then post the video without telling the world who she is?

    It never made sense to me.

    • chris watson

      Man,I don’t want to sound like a hater but I have always thought this same exact thing about her. Attractive? Yeah, of course….she certainly isn’t ugly. That being said I see women more attractive than her in everyday life ALL THE TIME. Her best feature would be her teeth which isn’t saying anything since anyone with a pocket full of cash can make that happen. As far as her journalism skills go….well, she does a good job I suppose but…..is it really that hard?

      • @Chris

        She is pretty, but not spectacular. Then, again the average woman in America weighs 164. So, relative to the average she looks hot. Go to any strip joint in any major city and you will find way better looking women.

        As far as sideline reporting goes …. nah … it isn’t all that difficult. I mean really …. does any sideline reporter ever tell you something you don’t already know. I will give you an example. Yesterday, at the Eagles-NO game, a sideline reporter told me the players were wearing gloves and had brought 3 different pairs of cleats.

        Is that worth the hundreds of thousands of dollars they are paying those people? Do you realize most CEOs don’t make 300,000?

    • beezskis

      ummm…get a life.

      • anti-beezskis

        you first

    • Really?

      Uhhhhm.. I’m all about free speech, and not very thin skinned. I dare people to have thin skin anymore. However, if you’re going to share your opinion, and cast judgment, (which is totally a part of free speech), be sure to check your GRAMMAR prior to posting. Entertaining, at the least.

  • Buck

    Somebody must think what she was tougher than the what the players did, or the refs. Most of the players wore short sleeve shirts. What she did is nothi8ng.

  • ken

    Big deal. She is doing her job. Live with it !

  • Jim

    Looking at these comments you would think that she was complaining. All she did was put up some pics of the gear she would be using…..if anything, blame this website for reeling us in with the headline.

  • forreal

    ummmm like she was the only girl out there? i suppose you’re just selective in whom you cover…

  • Cozmo

    She is very pretty but she is very bad at the job.

  • goaty

    where’s the article about the mill workers, traffic cops, farmers, etc. that work in this shit everyday. This article should be renamed “Princess survives not even half a day in the cold”

  • tONY

    no heated panties? oh forgot,sho doesnt wear them. she profited so much from the naked peep hole film! she would have been just another sexy reporter without the film

    • http://Yahoo Tony

      I’m sure she had “battery operated devices” but they were probably not used to keep her warm!!! (^_^)

  • Ari

    Man, when I read these comments all that comes to mind is how far we have all fallen behind the line of self evaluation. How hard is it to understand that the media is here is to make a living just like we are. Stop judging everything based off of money and sex. Let me tell you you what did – Seen the headline, thought damn it was pretty cold for her to just be standing there. Then I thought wow never knew they made those little gadgets to keep you warm, pretty cool. Okay now lets go on with life and check my emails because I’m at work trying to make a living for MY LIFE not hers. Go to school and get an education! No one owes you anything! If you are so upset how the entertainment world has taken over and is a muti-galizon dollar industry go take classes and get involved. Maybe one day you will make it. People who make minimum wage MAKE MINIMUM BECAUSE THEY WANT TO! All this article was trying to show is that its not only the players that have to deal with the horrid conditions, THAT’S IT. Much of you would have been happier if it were about the water boy. Maybe he is your friend. Surround yourself with better people! HAHA I’m done. Self reflection and worry about how you can make your life better not everyone else’s.

  • haydenfox09


  • RR

    Pam Oliver was there too. Nothing about her staying warm.

  • cher

    I watched the game. The only time I “saw” her was when it said “voice of Erin Andrews” at the bottom of the screen. My guess is that she wasn’t even outside.

  • mikey655

    She is so ugly

  • chuck d

    Pam Oliver is 100 times better than her.