Eric Schmidt To Advise Britain’s Conservative Party

    February 9, 2009

Eric Schmidt’s support of Barack Obama made a lot of people rather upset.  A new move on Schmidt’s part may placate them, though, as the CEO of Google has agreed to work closely with Britain’s Conservative Party. 

Eric Schmidt

Schmidt will act as the international business advisor on the Economic Recovery Committee, according to Sky News.  The position sounds like an important one; other committee members include the former chairman and CEO of Lloyds TSB and a former permanent secretary to Her Majesty’s Treasury.

David Cameron, the Conservative Party’s leader, explained that he intended to "draw together top talent to help come up with the best policies."

Also, Cameron hasn’t drawn together said talent only to have them participate in one brainstorming session and then go away.  He continued, "[T]hey will be sitting around the table with me and my economic team on a fortnightly basis, looking at the issues in front of the British economy and the plans we will need for the future."  (Presumably Schmidt will be teleconferencing.)

So there you have it.  Rather than stick to just one side of politics or the Atlantic, Eric Schmidt seems to have the ear of important officials in all sorts of places.