Eric Schmidt Loves Search Marketing, Mobiles

    May 28, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Google has a big future ahead of it according to CEO Schmidt, with little mobile devices representing that potential.

Google’s top executive showed up in an interview in the German publication, where he touched on a few of his search advertising company’s important topics.

For anyone waiting for mobile ad dollars to fill the Google coffers to overflowing, it will take a while. With an “obvious large space” to put ads, especially targeted ones, Schmidt believes the value will increase on the mobile platform.

Despite the company’s seemingly far-flung interests in its side projects, no one’s forgetting about the bread and butter search ads. Schmidt said there is “no limit for search marketing,” which should be encouraging to our readers in the SEM industry.

Through improved technology and more targeting, Google can wring more money out of search marketing. Even so, the bright prospects for advertising reside on the mobile side. Social network advertising, however, may be a dimmer prospect, judging by Schmidt’s comments:

MySpace did not monetize as well as we thought. We have a lot of traffic, a lot of page views, but it is harder than we thought to get our ad network to work with social networks. When you are in social network, it is not likely that you