Equant Talking Networks With Google

    November 16, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

It could be networking, it could be VoIP, but whatever it is, data communication and networking firm Equant is definitely chatting with the search engine company.

Elinor Mills at CNet pointed to this article on Business News Americas, where Equant sales and marketing president Mack Treece mentioned their conversations with Google:

“We’re in talks with Google about some things. I can’t talk about [what things in particular], but it’s kind of their next evolution as a company, as they begin to grow, there are some things that could be of interest,” said Treece on the second day of a two-day stop in Santiago, Chile.

There has been a lot of talk about Google entering the VoIP space and BNamericas pressed Treece about this possibility. He confirmed that he considers Equant to be the only company in the world capable of meeting Google’s needs at short notice. “[No one else] could do it quickly. Not without multiple partnerships. And Google cares about speed. They move very fast, much faster than Microsoft or Yahoo.”

BNAmericas considers this a strong indication Google will enter VoIP and expand upon its recently debuted Talk product. CNet sees it as a further indicator of Google’s desire to hold more of the “distribution and access” of its services.

That could be another point in favor of a GoogleNet coming into existence.

An Equant deal with Google will also add fuel to the fire over the potential of Google offering hosted applications. If Google does choose to take on Microsoft by turning its collaboration with Sun on OpenOffice into a web-based Office competitor, Google will be able to promise better reliability and use an Equant agreement to emphasize its commitment.

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