EPA Maps Air Pollution With Google Earth

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Just about everybody uses Google, and the statistics that prove this are always impressive.  It’s especially interesting to see government agencies tied to the search giant, though, and in the latest example of this, the EPA is working with Google Earth.

EPA Maps Air Pollution With Google Earth

If the air in your area is hazy or smells odd, the product of this partnership – a KML file – may help you find out why.  With hourly updates, it shows not only the levels of air pollution, but also the sources of all the unpleasantness.

“Select a given location and view placemarks of all of the companies in the area,” writes Google’s own Steve Miller on the LatLong Blog.  “Tilt the earth until you’re at ground level and check out the collection of placemarks; they vary in height based on pollutants emitted at their particular location.  Click on a company of interest to read about their eco-history.”

The companies that are being “outed” by this development aren’t likely to appreciate it, but the move should make Google (and/or Google Earth) even more popular with environmental types.  It also puts the EPA in what might be a more friendly and accessible position than it was in the past.

Lastly, there’s a pleasant surprise when you actually look at the KML file: much of the U.S. appears to be in better shape than one might expect.

EPA Maps Air Pollution With Google Earth
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    That’s it. Thanks a very, very lot!

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