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“Entrepreneurial Laboratory” is what the Internet has transformed into during the last ten years. Amazingly, the year was 1993 when Marc Andreasen launched the first ever “point & click” Internet browser called Mosaic at a trusting world.

And, an Internet usable by every person was born! You no longer needed to learn strange programming languages before you could work a computer. Providing that your fingers could wiggle and your sight could identify tiny images on the screen, you were able to use your computer and to communicate with lots of people.

>From the Internet’s inception, a galaxy of material covering a wide array of topics has made up the Internet. In almost no time at all, the Internet has overtaken VCR, audio systems, telephone, and even television in some ways.

Yet, for an entrepreneur, the most persuasive – and perhaps life changing – role of the Internet is its power as a virtually on-the-spot, inexpensive medium for direct mail advertising.

I’m not talking about corporate-style TV advertising that seeks to win design awards and shape brand image. I’m talking about advertising that calls you to action, as opposed to TV ads that leave you half smiling and wondering “What’s that all about?” This action might entail phoning a customer center, downloading an e-book, signing up for further information, or even supplying your credit card data so as to order online goods & services!

Magazine advertisements commonly cost hundreds or up to thousands of dollars to set up. Then, the business has to wait weeks or months before getting back responses. In contrast, the Internet Entrepreneur can set up a small ad for a little more than tens of dollars or up to a couple hundred dollars and have the first visitor to his website within minutes! Measuring the performance of an ad in this manner is remarkable considering it takes only a few hours. You will automatically know which campaign is profitable and you’re leaving behind risky ways of advertising that can cost a fortune.

Is this opportunity just what your business is ready for? Will your current business increase revenue upon adding a new online sales process? Or is it a new online business venture you’re ready to launch?

If you take into consideration how much of the payment, ordering and fulfillment processes can be automated – along with many aspects of the sales process too – then this incredible technological medium contains tremendous commercial power.

Although tapping into this takes a range of skills from computer literacy, through copy-writing, to Direct Marketing, there are only 2 fundamental activities required:

1. Getting the right visitors to come to your web site

2. Persuading them to take the action you want

Sound simple? In principal, yes, except in practice, several important questions along the way must be answered:

– Who are your “right visitors”?

– Where do you find them?

– How do you lead them to your website?

– Is your market large enough?

– Plus, what do you ask and offer your visitors when they arrive?

– Can you count on a percentage of visitors to respond?

– Can you increase these odds?

To assist clients step up the growth of their business, the Direct MO Marketing website at http://www.1dmom.com implements effective and simple solutions for ambitious online Entrepreneurs who desire attracting the right sort of visitors to their online business.

Copyright 2005 Riki Trafford. All rights reserved.

Riki Trafford is the owner of Direct MO
Marketing Inc
which offers low cost keyword-targetted web traffic.
For comments and questions visit his web site:

Entrepreneur’s Lab – Test your Market before Investing.
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