Enticing Readers to a Redesigned Website

    May 10, 2006

PRNews wants to get its audience to take a look at its newly redesigned website that features content from its newsletters and other material, most of which is accessible only to paying customers.

The enticement? I received an email from PRNews inviting me to their “open house” from today through Friday, with all content freely accessible.

At least, that’s what the email says. When I clicked through to one of the articles under “More stories,” I was greeted with text that reads, “You must be logged in to see this page. If you already have an account, please log in on your right. If you would like to subscribe to PR News, click here.” There’s no reference to the open house on the website, no temporary login or password, and no instructions in the email about how to get one.

The open house idea is cute, but you have to wonder how many people who receive the email will try to take advantage of the offer, find the actually don’t have access, and leave with sour feelings about the venerable publication.

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