Entertaining Celebrity Super Bowl Tweets

By: Alexandria Sardam - February 4, 2014

Sure, Sunday night’s Super Bowl wasn’t the most exciting game ever but at least our celeb tweets kept us entertained. See what some of your favorite stars were saying about everything from last night’s game to Bruno Mars’ halftime performance.

@ RollingStone
“This sledgehammer and grave-filled local #SuperBowl ad by a Georgia lawyer is the best thing we saw last night”

“SuperBowl Sunday. who you got? #Seahawks”

“Download the #NewU2Song “Invisible” Free Now

“God I love live Bruno
(We’re guessing auto-correct just got the best of her.)

“I just loved that celebs eating segment”

Thought that was a funny tweet? So did everyone else with a whopping 915 retweets.

“You know it’s a wrap when your girl texts you “I’m starting to feel bad for Denver”…. #Seahawks #seattle”

“Wow @BrunoMars just killed it at the Super Bowl!!! That was so exciting to watch! One hell of a performer and an AMAZING band!!!”

4,938 Kelly followers favorited that excited tweet to Bruno.

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