Enterprise-class Transaction Tracing for .NET and J2EE Environments

    October 4, 2004

Tonic WebLens, which provides enterprise-class transaction tracing for .NET and J2EE environments, now offers the added capability of allowing organizations to automatically compare complete J2EE or .NET transaction traces.

As a result, quality assurance (QA) departments no longer have to laboriously compare the output of cumbersome profiling and development tools to understand the performance improvements offered by new application components.

Tonic’s innovative approach to transaction tracing management has been shown to dramatically reduce the time needed to move new application versions from QA into production. In addition, it reduces the amount of monitoring data presented to QA by highlighting the significant performance differences between transaction runs. WebLens 3.3.1 includes further improvements in performance and a reduction in overhead, which are specifically designed for the extreme transaction volumes found in QA departments.

“Customers are continuously looking to reduce the time it takes to move their new applications from QA into production, and Tonic is committed to providing the performance management tools needed to help in this process,” said Don Pate, CEO of Tonic Software. “The combination of low overhead, ‘on-demand’ deep transaction tracing, and comparative J2EE/.Net transaction reporting empowers our customers to focus on managing their business applications, not managing their management tools.”

The latest releases of WebLens also adds full support for the IBM SuSE Linux operating system to complement existing support for IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, RedHat Linux and Windows platforms; and for IBM WebSphere and BEA WebLogic application servers.

Pricing and Availability

WebLens 3.3.1 for J2EE and WebLens 3.3.1 for Microsoft .NET environments are currently available. The list price for WebLens turn key solutions start at $35,000.

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