Enterprise Blogs Inside The Firewall

    April 28, 2006

The Gilbane Content Management Conference – The enterprise blogging panel was all about internal blogging – with two great speakers:

Dr Thierry Barsalou of Ipsen (all the way from Paris, France)

Rod Boothby who is creating an internal system for Ernst and Young.

Interestingly, both speakers said they did not ‘sell’ the idea as a blog.

Both made the point that we operate in an increasingly competitive environment, we have new ideas breathing down our necks and the only survival mechanism is knowing what others are doing, communicating better and faster and constant innovation.

Ipsen is using blogging as a reputation management and competitive intelligence tool. Sounds a lot like Brand Tracker.

They use RSS Feeds to pull in data and scan blogs, forums, news etc. Then the team of editors analyzes the info and writes 10 – 20 articles each day based on their findings.

They are getting a wider and wider audience reading the blog and using the data to produce better results.

E&Y are using what they call “pages” and internal teams working on clients and projects use the system to collaborate and share knowledge.

There is a real need for collaboration and knowledge management in organizations today. A secure hosted blog system like Myst Technology’s Blogsite is one solution that could work well.

If it has to be behind the firewall then installing WordPress, with all the latest plug ins like tagging, would be a good solution.

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