England Sees Spike In Baby Girl Name Searches

    August 28, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Either England is about to have a spike in female births, or nobody knows what to name a girl over there. While searches for "baby girls names" spiked by 258 percent this year, "baby boy names" searches jumped by just 84 percent.

England Sees Spike In Baby Girl Name Searches
England Sees Spike In Baby Girl Name Searches

That’s what Heather Hopkins at Hitwise says, anyway, on her way out the door for maternity leave.

Funny, all of my friends on this side of the Pond seem to be having boys. Sounds like England will be a wonderful place for them to visit in about 20 years.

The most popular baby name related search was the generic "baby names," which made up nearly 40 percent of all related searches last month.

"Unusual baby names" was quite a common search, too, second on the list with 2.97 percent, meaning that all you people trying to be clever are going to be the direct cause of a generation flooded with Balthazars.

Jason, you see, was still rather unusual in the Seventies and look what I have to put up with now. Thanks, Mom.

People also were on the hunt for Indian, Muslim, unique, and popular names (I imagine the smarter ilk are searching the popular and the unusual to know precisely what to avoid and then double checking to see if AubriannaTarragonJohnston.com* is available.)

Hopkins also reveals that among the most popular baby items were clothes, walkers, monitors, car seats and "prams," which, unlike how they sound, are not large shrimp, but rather baby buggies, or strollers, as one might call them Stateside.

*If this is an actual name, it is purely coincidental, and may God have mercy on your soul.