Engadget Gets Facelift, Gives Gifts

    September 18, 2006

Engadget announced a number of updates to its site this morning, including a “refreshed” design and “a bunch of new features that should make Engadget a little more user-friendly.” Reactions have been mixed, but mostly positive.

Those who don’t immediately fall in love with the new Engadget may feel differently when they hear about a friendly little bit of bribery. “To celebrate the occasion,” wrote Peter Rojas in the update announcement, “we’re giving away tens of thousands of dollars of gear – dozens of prizes – for the next few weeks.”

The updates may win enough fans on their own, however. The first heralded change involved the system of “user moderated comments”; “you can now vote up or down on comments, and filter comments based on their rating – as determined by the readers!”

Comment logins were also affected, because “we know you guys are mad sick of having to authenticate yourselves every single time you leave a comment . . . . So now you only have to authenticate once, and you’ll be sent a password to use for future comments on Engadget.”

Other changes fell under the categories of “Dynamic / scalable content width,” “Breaking news, features box, Engadget Mobile headlines,” “Tags and tag feeds, comment feeds, and category feeds,” and “Multiple podcast feeds.”

And if Engadget visitors persist in not liking the new site, they shouldn’t give up just yet. “We’re still working out the bugs, so please be patient with us as we get Engadget solid again,” Rojas wrote, noting that “you guys are first adopters, you can handle it.” “And keep in mind,” he said, “that we’ll be rolling out more improvements over the coming weeks and months.”


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