Engadget Conspiracy Theory

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Engadget has a post by Ross Rubin theorizing that Microsoft is backing HD-DVD in order to guarantee a bloody format war between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray, and thus result in neither format winning.

Its an excellent idea, that Microsoft has more to gain when the game is about creating better, more secure and more tranferable formats, and loses if people continue to rely on shiny round disks that don’t play well with Media Center PCs.

I love the idea, and were it true, I would applaud MS for it. I don’t want a new DVD standard. I like the old one, its fine, and we don’t need higher def yet, at least not as the base standard. DVD is still a young format, and doesn’t need to be replaced by disks that are just as unreliable, but bigger.

I’ve got another theory: The last thing Microsoft wants is the storage medium of choice to be owned by Sony, and they want a format war to ensure Sony loses. They don’t think they can win, but they do hope to crash the party. After all, I’m not buying higher-def until the format war is over, and neither will most consumers. The longer the war, the more Sony loses, and the more time Microsoft has to make Media Center more important than the physical disk media.

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Engadget Conspiracy Theory
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