Endeavour Shuttle Launch Pic Brings Twitter Fame to One Woman

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The argument for what constitutes a journalist is becoming more heated as technology and social media are turning everyone into an amateur news-maker. We recently heard the amazing story of the Pakistani man who live tweeted the Osama bin Laden raid. Today, we get another example of how one tweet can turn a normal person into a someone who documents an historic event.

Today, Twitter fame was bestowed upon Stefanie Gordon (@stefmara) as the 33 year old from Hoboken tweeted a pic of the Space Shuttle Endeavour from her plane window. The pic, showing the shuttle piercing through the cloud layer truly is a remarkable photo. Check it out here.

Gordon has been incredibly active on Twitter today, and her timeline tells a story of how her twitpic has rocketed her into temporary fame (har-har). Gordon has been contacted by national news outlets and has gained over 1,000 followers in just a few hours.

Traveling from LaGuardia to West Palm Beach, Gordon was informed she may see the launch.
From CBS news:

"The captain made an announcement that we would probably see it. I really couldn't hear what he was saying, and then all of a sudden people started getting up and going over to the windows."

Here's what's happened today, a story told on Twitter:

Here's another Photo of the shuttle from my plane. http://twitpic.com/4yg6hs 7 hours ago via Echofon · powered by @socialditto

OMG!!! @NASA retweeted my photo!'n 6 hours ago via Echofon · powered by @socialditto

@StadiumInsider CBS & NBC have already contacted me! 5 hours ago via Echofon · powered by @socialditto

THANK YOU!! RT @HuffPostTravel: @Stefmara We LOVE your video! http://aol.it/kqD3V9 4 hours ago via Echofon · powered by @socialditto

Thank you my friend! *bows* RT @amandarykoff: @Stefmara #worldfamousiphonephotographer is one of my all-time favorite hashtags. Well done. 1 hour ago via Echofon · powered by @socialditto

I've gained just about 1,000 new followers today. Wow. I hope you all like sports! 1 hour ago via Echofon · powered by @socialditto

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