Employment Site Traffic Has Ups and Downs

    January 10, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The first week of a new year, people want two things overall: a new body and a new job. Last week we found out that on New Year’s Day, visits to dieting websites spiked by 57 percent. By the end of the week it seems all that dieting is going toward a new suit as visits to job site jump by 31 percent.

Hitwise reports the jump, noting that CareerBuilder.com received most of that traffic, receiving 13.73 percent of the job-hunting market. Monster.com was the second most visited job site, with 11.51 percent of visits. Yahoo is high on the list in yet another category, coming in third with 5.33 percent.

“Along with diet and fitness websites, employment sites experience an increase during the first week of January each year as the job force considers finding a new job as part of their New Year’s resolution,” said Bill Tancer, general manager of global research at Hitwise.

“This year career search engines experienced the greatest year-over-year growth as job hunters navigate the increasing long tail of job openings.”

The Employment and Training category overall, though, is down two percent compared with this time last year. Hitwise credits a booming economy for the drop in job-hunters.

“The decrease in visits to employment sites is most likely due to the drop in the unemployment rate of over 8 percent during 2006,” said Tancer.

According to Hitwise’s list of the top visited company websites, Americans are more grassroots, less high-falutin’, in their job quests. Though they may have all said they wanted to be doctors, lawyers, racecar drivers, veterinarians, or movie stars as kids, reality tells them a job at Target is more realistic – or a nice, cushy and secure government job.

Top 10 Most Visited Employment Sites:

1. CareerBuilder

2. Monster

3. Yahoo! HotJobs

4. Monster.com My Monster

5. Job.com


7. America’s Job Bank

8. Indeed

9. MSN CareerBuilder Network

10. Hewitt Associates

Top 5 Most Visited Company Employment Websites

1. Careers at Target

2. USAJobs

3. UPS Jobs

4. Walmart Hiring Center

5. USPS – Online Applications


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