Employee Motivation: Build Trust and Respect

    July 31, 2006

Employee and staff motivation is an often discussed topic. The opinions about how to get employees working range from hard driving close supervison to hands off and let the people create on their own. Most business owners and managers fall somewhere in between these two extremes.

One thing is certain and that is no one motivation technique will work for every employee. On the other hand, there is always a way to get the most out of everyone in the organization. All that’s needed is to find the key that unlocks each person’s talents and skills.

Business creativity blogger EM Sky of Mind Unbound Business shares some thoughts about a terrific motivational boss named “Bill”. The management techniques used by “Bill” are not really what are thought of as management school type concepts at all. In fact, they are more about sharing, respect, and trust than about traditional ideas of employee motivation. The important part is EM Sky says the methods brought great results.

The highlights of EM Sky’s manager’s approach:

He asked for my opinions.

He gave me excellent feedback.

He gave me credit for my suggestions.

He made teamwork a way of life.

He never made me “go it alone.”

He gave me room to make mistakes.

He trusted me with real responsibility.

EM Sky continues with some reflection and fine management advice on employee motivation and trust:

“Some people will argue that “you can’t trust everybody,” but I don’t believe that. Trust can start in the small things, and everyone can be trusted with something. It’s important to remember that not trusting people often has more to do with us than it does with them.”

Learn from “Bill” and trust your staff. Listen to their ideas and treat them with respect. You will be very pleasantly surprised at their motivation and desire to work for the advancement of the company. The great thing about “Bill’s” managerial style is its simplicity. The ideas presented are all about treating people well, and earning their trust and respect, in return for the respect and trust they have been given by the manager.

All good employee motivation needs is a liitle respect and a lot of trust. In return, the staff will work more productively and enhance the company bottom line.

Treating employees well is good business.

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