Emma Watson in Hot Water Over Claims She Illegally Employed U.S. Housekeeper in UK

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Emma Watson is finding herself in hot water amidst allegations that she illegally employed her U.S. housekeeper to work in the UK.

According to British newspaper The Independent, UK Immigration officials are currently investigating allegations that the Harry Potter star brought her housekeeper back with her from the U.S. to work in her $3.5 million London home after graduating from Brown University.

The investigation is focusing on whether the housekeeper worked for Watson from September 2013 to the beginning of February 2014. She reportedly entered the country on a tourist visa, which forbids a visitor from working in the UK.

Before moving back to London, Watson was living in the United States while completing her studies at Brown.

According to reports, Watson's housekeeper began working for the actress at her New York apartment in early 2013. When she tried to enter the UK, British Immigration officials reportedly questioned how the U.S.-native was planning on supporting herself during her stay.

An investigation was initiated by Border Agency officials after receiving a complaint that the maid had been employed by Watson in the U.K. for a three-month period.

"An allegation has been received and processed and has been allocated for further action," said a source at the Home Office, which is the government department in the UK responsible for immigration, counter-terrorism, police, and drugs policy.

If found guilty of illegally employing her U.S. housekeeper, Watson could face up to $17,000 in fines.

The British beauty has not responded to the allegations.

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