Eminem’s “Rap God” Receives High Reviews

By: Meaghan Ellis - October 16, 2013

No one knows more about media, controversy and mixed reviews than rap’s most infamous bad boy Eminem, and here it is again. But, this time the “Not Afraid” rapper hits the mark with impressive reviews. His latest single, “Rap God” is being lauded for his lyrical mastery.

However, as usual, he goes in for the jugular with the lyrics. So, don’t get things twisted. He’s still Eminem; always surrounded by controversy due to his ever-popular, humorously offensive lyrics, and “Rap God” is just another notch under Eminem’s lyrical belt.

On Oct. 14 at midnight, the “Slim Shady” rapper took to Twitter to announce the early YouTube premiere of the audio for his highly anticipated single “Rap God.” He also tweeted of the record’s official iTunes release just hours later.

“Rap God” is the third single released from Eminem’s eighth studio album, “The Marshall Mathers LP 2,” which is scheduled to be released Nov. 5. The lead single, “Berzerk” set the tone for the release of “Rap God,” selling an impressive 362,000 in digital downloads during its first week. The single landed at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100. Eminem’s new album soared to rap’s great expectations list for the year, so “Rap God” was already a highly sought record even before it’s release. So, the critical reviews were expected to come.


Fortunately, the predominant critical reception has been positive. The exhilarating 6-minute record is definitely an ‘awe-factor.’ Notable critics such as Rolling Stones’ Kory Grow and Jim Farber of the New York Daily News praised the record with positive reviews. The song’s lyrical content was also jaw-dropping with references to Columbine High School, Monica Lewinsky, Ray J and the planking fad.

A vast number of critics were also impressed with Eminem’s tongue-twisting, fast-paced lyrical execution.
In the third verse, the “Lose Yourself” rapper spews 97 words in a matter of 15 seconds, which equates to an average of approximately 6.5 words per second. Only Eminem could bring mathematical equations into rap music!


Overall, if the single is any indication of what the album will bring, Eminem may be on his way to another platinum-selling success. With more than 42 million records sold in the United States, and a vast array of accolades, including 13 Grammys and an Academy award, Eminem is always expected to deliver – and he has yet again.


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  • Lexi Menichelli

    It’s good to know some people can make music every year and be a one hit wonder.

    • josh

      LEXI, you are a fucking idiot. em has been doing the best for rap anyone could ever have. he is something special. one hit wonder my ass. maybe smoke outta ems ass is a one hit wonder shit your a fucking beeeeeech

  • josh

    LEXI, you are a idiot. em has been doing the best for rap anyone could ever have. he is something special. one hit wonder my ass. maybe smoke outta ems ass is a one hit wonder ahiiiii your a one dumb beech

  • lexi is dumb

    wow ur retarded

  • BillyMcCool

    Eminem is a prodigy. He has taken the genre to a new level again making everyone else look amateur. A Rap God? Sure…A Lyrical God definitely.

  • str8upG

    Lexi did that to see what type of response he/she would get.you must be in the music industry to say something that stupid only for a reaction from eminem listeners. No one Since pac and biggie have skills like him

  • oo1

    Lexi, go bck, listen to RAP GOD, come back n say U̶̲̥̅̊’re sorry.