Eminem: New Album Rumored For This Year

By: Sean Patterson - April 25, 2013

It’s been rumored for a while now that Eminem has been working on a studio album. Now, that rumor has been all but confirmed.

Dr. Dre, a long-time collaborator and producer for Eminem, this week called in to a radio show called Big Boy’s Neighborhood, which airs on 106 FM in Los Angeles. Dre told the host that Eminem is just about finished with his new material. Dre also mentioned that he has been back in the studio himself, though he states he is “just having fun.”

“Em is finishing up his project, man,” said Dre. “And for me, man, I’ve just, like, gotten inspired again to go back in the studio. So I’m…really just having fun, with life and having fun being creative and just trying some new and different things with myself, man.”

Eminem has released six studio albums during his career. HIs last effort was 2010’s Recovery, which received generally good reviews from fans and the media.

Dr. Dre’s full interview can be heard below:

(via Huffington Post)

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  • Abel Jimenez

    I live in LA and that Dre interview was over a month ago. I know because I heard it on the radio myself. It’s too bad that it took Sean Patterson that long to finally tell the rest of the country about it.

    • Travis

      Youre right…i thought to myself dang he called in again? I heard this interview mar 22

  • precous cultis

    this is another classics from hip-hop finest

    • Michael Ryan

      Are you mad, recovery is nothing compared to relapse. And relapse is nothing compared to the marshall mathers lp and infinite. His new album needs to be old if you get me!


    Em’s ‘relapse’ was better than that ‘recovery’ album. Shit was waay to pop. I hope he’s got more Dre beats on this one.

    • geeb

      Point taken about the pop, but the album offered more depth and insight on the human condition than Relapse and Encore. Relapse really only had 3am and Beautiful going for it. At least Recovery had some amazing songs even if alot were poppy (Spacebound, 25 to Life, Not Afraid, and his verse in No Love were all solid). He seemed really inspired and proud in Recovery and I would take more of that eminem rather than washed up one who’s too hung up on accents and drugs.

    • zahid

      even eminem didn’t like relapse album… it was shit… except for 2 or 3 songs

  • cj

    Eminem Is awesome Can’t wait