EMI Sues Ireland For Not Blocking Pirates


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EMI, one of the three big music companies and a vocal supporter of SOPA, has filed suit against the Republic of Ireland for failing to bring itself into line with EU law regarding anti-piracy measures. EMI has been lobbying the Irish government to institute measures that would allow copyright holders to block access to infringing sites. Despite a government promise to pass such a law, EMI is concerned that that the government is deliberately delaying, and that even if such a measure is produced, it will not be to EMI’s satisfaction.

Willie Kavanagh, head of EMI in Ireland, said yesterday that the government had ignored a request from EMI to produce the law it was preparing, and that he suspected that the measure would not “satisfy the music industry’s requirement for injunctive relief.”

EMI filed the suit with Ireland’s High Court. The suit is the second EMI has filed in recent years concerning music piracy in Ireland. In 2010 the High Court shot down an attempt by EMI to enforce a 3 strikes rule on internet service providers in the country.

[Source: Irish Times]