EMEA Ditching Perl, Python, PHP?

    August 3, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

A spring 2005 survey of developers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa finds a dropoff in their use of those three languages.

The June survey of 400 developers by Evans Data Corporation revealed fewer developers using three common development languages for projects.

In a statement, Evans Data said the number of PHP developers dropped by more than 25 percent, Python by 25 percent, and Perl by 20 percent.

PHP, Perl and Python use on a global basis peaked one to two years ago and has started to decline based on a number of factors. This decline is more exaggerated in EMEA and APAC than in North America,” said John Andrews, Evans Data’s Chief Operating Officer, in the statement.

Mr. Andrews further contends that those languages have not had much penetration into enterprises in those areas, contributing to the dropoff.

Demand for all three languages does seem to be ongoing in the US. At Google, three open positions specific list Python in the job specifications. A basic search on “Perl” at Dice.com found 3559 job entries containing that search term. And Monster.com returned over 1000 listings for PHP jobs.

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