EMC Re-Org

    August 8, 2006

Here’s ESG’s take on EMC’s org changes announced this morning:

CFO Tueber is now Vice Chair. Long time Tucci exec Dave Goulden is now CFO. Goulden is very different from Tueber, very persuasive and clearly smart (not that Tueber isn’t smart, he clearly is), but Goulden is cut from a different cloth and it will be interesting to see how the street reacts to him. We believe it will be positive, and give EMC an opportunity to change thier Investor Relations strategy to get the stock moving, since the previous methods clearly did not work.

Dave Dewalt will take Goulden’s job as EVP of Sales Operations, maintaining the role of President of their Content Management and Archive businesses – but no longer Legato. Legato (Mark Sorenson) and InVista (Doc Derrico) will now report to Dave Donatelli. Howard continues to own services, and resource management (smarts, control center run by Chris Gahagan).

The things to watch are Goulden’s impact with Wall St., and the Dewalt impact since he now owns a lot of sales guys who have been there a long time and who wield a ton of power, such as Bill Scannell. The two have butted heads in the past, and everyone Scannell has butted heads with over the years is now gone. Somehow, he ends up on top every time.

Is this Joe’s way of shaking things up and letting the cream rise to the top? Probably. The guy is too smart so this isn’t window dressing, there is a purpose. Will it open up windows of opportunity for the competition? Probably not. The personnel dynamics are the things to watch, and those could have downstream impact in short order.


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Steve Duplessie is the author of the “Steve’s IT Rants” blog, and the founder and Sr. Analyst of the Enterprise Strategy Group.