Embed Google News Slideshows On Your Site

    February 3, 2009
    Chris Crum

Today Google launched the Google NewsShow, a Google News-based element for the Google Search API. Essentially, you can now embed a Google News "slideshow" on your site.

The slideshow includes headlines and previews of Google News search results based on queries selected. It comes in two different sizes as illustrated below – 728×90 and 300×250.

Google NewsShow

Google NewsShow

"Adding this element to your site or blog is easy using our wizard. You select the size of the frame you want, the topics you’re interested in, and the number of articles you want to show, and we’ll build the code for you," explains Product Manger Adam Feldman.

With the NewsShow Wizard, you can set:

1. Style
2. Search expressions
3. Search topics
4. News edition
5. Result set size

Then preview your configuration and see the code. It gives you the code to embed, and then you’re ready to roll. It looks pretty simple, but there is plenty more documentation if you want to get more complicated with it.

Developers can assume greater control over the NewsShow’s look and feel by calling the classes directly, as Feldman notes. He encourages users to check out the Code Playground for customization as well.