Embed and Upload High Quality Videos with Facebook

    December 5, 2008
    Chris Crum

Facebook has just started allowing users to upload higher quality videos, and start embedding them on other sites in classic embeddable-video fashion. Facebook launched its video feature last year, but has not offered the ability to  upload high quality videos until now. Chris Putnam at the Facebook Blog writes:

Even if you don’t own a HD camera or you don’t actively upload videos to Facebook, you’ll still be able to enjoy higher quality videos all over the site. This means movie studios, bands and anyone else that uploads videos to Facebook will be able to provide you with a better viewing experience.

You’ll also be able to take videos you’ve added to Facebook and embed them on other websites. If you have a blog, personal or business website, you’ll be able to display any of your Facebook videos on that site as well. We’re making it easy for you to share your videos across the web with the same privacy settings you have on Facebook, which means that if the privacy is set to "Everyone", people won’t have to be logged into Facebook to view it. Or if you want only a few friends to view your video, you can control that through your Facebook privacy settings as well.

They will be supporting resolutions as high as 1280 by 720 pixels (720p). To give you an idea, Putnam shares the following example (now and then):

I guess I’ve got something to add to my retrospective of the year in online video. I wonder what the YouTube team thinks about this move – a hugely popular social network like Facebook truly moving in on their turf. YouTube has also been tinkering with HD quality videos. Facebook has also upgraded audio  for videos as well.