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Big Upgrade to Facebook Videos

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Facebook has just started allowing users to upload higher quality videos, and start embedding them on other sites in classic embeddable-video fashion. Facebook launched its video feature last year, but has not offered the ability to  upload high quality videos until now. Chris Putnam at the Facebook Blog writes:

Even if you don’t own a HD camera or you don’t actively upload videos to Facebook, you’ll still be able to enjoy higher quality videos all over the site. This means movie studios, bands and anyone else that uploads videos to Facebook will be able to provide you with a better viewing experience.

You’ll also be able to take videos you’ve added to Facebook and embed them on other websites. If you have a blog, personal or business website, you’ll be able to display any of your Facebook videos on that site as well. We’re making it easy for you to share your videos across the web with the same privacy settings you have on Facebook, which means that if the privacy is set to "Everyone", people won’t have to be logged into Facebook to view it. Or if you want only a few friends to view your video, you can control that through your Facebook privacy settings as well.

They will be supporting resolutions as high as 1280 by 720 pixels (720p). To give you an idea, Putnam shares the following example (now and then):

I guess I’ve got something to add to my retrospective of the year in online video. I wonder what the YouTube team thinks about this move – a hugely popular social network like Facebook truly moving in on their turf. YouTube has also been tinkering with HD quality videos. Facebook has also upgraded audio  for videos as well.

Embed and Upload High Quality Videos with Facebook
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  • Stormy

    The fundamental flaw in FaceBook and YouTube video strategies like this is they continue to encourage users to store all their media at these websites and domains so these sites can sell advertising and eyeballs, making money off peoples content.

    You also have a problem where users are losing their personal photos, videos and commentary to these sites. These sites now own this media and have the power over your media. Its really REALLY bad for the destiny of “user data” long term.

    I actually have not seen any solution from either Google or Yahoo or Flickr either. Most are now having copyright infringement problems because of this, and now capping out on advertising growth and income dollars. Facebook has yet to show even a profit!!! Wow…so much for social media.

    Social media will fail long term as a viable solution online for anything beyond popularity contests and an alternate form of communication between people globally.

    It does not solve the central problem which is that if we are now uploading videos and our personal photos to tehse services, losing control over that media. As these types of sites multiple and compete for eyeballs, users will continue to store their personal video and data across thousands of servers and sites, fracturing even more their ability to manage their media online.

    Just think about all your photos and videos online you have posted the last 5 years? Where are they all…do you know? No one knows….so you have lost your own media! The only solution is for a new Web 3.0 to evolve that centralizes user data behind personal domains every user owns.

    If we could encourage people to dump Facebook and Google and store media in their own websites (ie buy their own domains and host their video on their own websites), we could show people that they can share and store their video and personal files behind a private domain they own and manage the rest of their lives.

    When you manage your media like this, you end up collecting gigabytes of video and images that represent your entire life, on one site and server, and have the ability to archive, distribute, and control that media. As long as social sites like Facebook exist, we are avoiding the problem. Bigger video file support doesnt improve that problem, Im sorry to say. – Stormy

    • Guest

      That theory is all fine and well. However, people are more likely to do something if it is free, and more importantly SIMPLE to do and takes little time to set up. Who is going to go through the trouble of paying for and registering a domain name, paying for and setting up hosting, setting up some convoluted open-source equivalent of a photo or video sharing site or paying for an equivalent solution on some hosting company that may or may not be around tomorrow either? You could take is a step further and simply set up your own web server, but again… who has time for all this?

  • http://www.dogarthritiscare.com/deramaxx.php deramaxx

    well it’s a great pleasure that Facebook is slowly adapting to HD or High Definition videos on it’s site.The fact that Facebook is widely used by millions all around the globe means that this smart move will definitely benefit a lot of people including me.I just hope that Youtube can follow suite..

  • http://www.iyazam.com Hillel

    Yes its about time that Facebook has changed this app.

  • http://www.nupokuren.dk/Nupo-Produkter/Nupo-Classic.aspx Nupo Pulver

    Finally is can use my HD camera on the web…

  • http://www.med24.dk/ Kosstilskud

    We have – with success – uploaded videos on facebook. They have often been ranked very well on google. We use the videos to get more visitors to our main website.

  • http://store.youngcomposers.com Music Store – Young Composers

    It’s interesting to see Facebook taking means to compete against Youtube. The reason why it is beneficial for users to upload media on a 3rd party server, is so that they can share their media while not consuming their own resources. So when the article mentions users will upload their own media on their own websites, I see a few problems with this:

    1. Not everyone is savvy.
    2. The user will then have to pay for their own resources.
    3. How will they share their media?

    • http://www.netspiren.dk/pl/Kosttilskud-445.aspx kosttilskud

      I agree and thats some of the problems that will haunt facebook and Google

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