Embarcadero Releases Embarcadero DBArtisan and DBArtisan Workbench 8.0

    September 20, 2004

New Version of DBArtisan and DBArtisan Workbench Significantly Extends DBA Solutions for DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, and Sybase.

Embarcadero Technologies announced extended database administration and analytic functionality across all major database platforms with the release of Embarcadero DBArtisan and DBArtisan Workbench 8.0. This major new release enables advanced performance, space, and capacity analysis for IBM DB2 UDB and Sybase ASE environments, making it the only fully integrated database administration tool for DB2 UDB, and the most comprehensive administration product on the market for Sybase. With this release, Embarcadero further strengthens its superior third-party offerings for SQL Server by introducing Backup Analyst for Microsoft SQL Server. Version 8.0 also extends monitoring of Oracle RAC environments, and is the first third-party solution to provide full performance metrics for Oracle Database 10g.

“As a high-profile, electric utility company, we rely on Embarcadero DBArtisan to manage multiple tasks and meet service-level agreements with ease,” said David Wojcik, senior systems developer for Green Mountain Power Corporation in Vermont. “I am tasked with building and maintaining a work management and outage system, and I can’t imagine doing this without the help of DBArtisan’s productivity enhancing features. Embarcadero DBArtisan 8.0 allows us to continually stay ahead of the learning curve regardless of database version or platform, and is a key tool that ensures power stays on 24×7 in northwestern Vermont.”

“The release of DBArtisan and DBArtisan Workbench 8.0 solidifies Embarcadero’s stronghold on the DBA desktop,” said Robin Schumacher, vice president of product management at Embarcadero Technologies. “Comprehensive support for all major database platforms has been a strategic initiative for Embarcadero from day one, and with version 8.0, we are delivering critical new functionality for DBAs working in each of these environments across the enterprise.”

The Most Comprehensive, Fully Integrated Administration Solution Available for IBM DB2 UDB, Sybase ASE, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server

DBArtisan Workbench 8.0 extends performance, space, and capacity management functionality to the DB2 UDB Open Systems and Sybase ASE platforms. This release’s diagnostics, correction mechanisms, and historical analysis and forecasting features improve the efficiency and productivity of DB2 UDB and Sybase DBAs, allowing them to more quickly identify and resolve key database and performance issues as well as understand their future database needs. DBArtisan’s performance, space, and capacity analysis functionality has been available for the Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server platforms since DBArtisan 7.3.

“Embarcadero is dedicated to IBM DB2 and Sybase professionals, and we are the only vendor to offer the breadth and depth of features for these platforms,” said Schumacher. “DB2 UDB Open Systems and Sybase DBAs now have the performance, space, and capacity analysis tools to enable them to be proactive about detecting and resolving key database issues before they become a problem.”

New Backup Analyst for Microsoft SQL Server

With DBArtisan 8.0, Embarcadero also introduces Backup Analyst for Microsoft SQL Server, a high performance backup and recovery engine that provides storage compression, reduces backup and recovery times, and provides powerful encryption security options for SQL Server DBAs who need an enterprise solution for their growing backup and recovery needs. A new management user interface is now completely integrated with DBArtisan’s administration console, and a command line interface allows DBAs to use Backup Analyst functionality in any SQL script. (Please see related press release, “Embarcadero Introduces High-speed Backup and Recovery for SQL Server Database Professionals,” September 20, 2004.)

Extended Support for Oracle RAC and Oracle 10g

Embarcadero DBArtisan and DBArtisan Workbench also offer enhanced performance management facilities for Oracle Real Application Clustering (RAC) environments and Oracle Database 10g. Embarcadero supports the monitoring of Oracle RAC environments (Oracle 8.0 and higher) and is the first third-party vendor to support the new performance diagnostics in Oracle 10g. Oracle users can leverage the new response and wait-time metrics that were introduced in Oracle 10g. These metrics allow Embarcadero Performance Analyst users to track SQL and bottlenecks over time, and provide deep drilldowns to pinpoint the “who, what, when, and where” of performance-related problems.

Free Embarcadero DBArtisan 8.0 Webinar Announced

Embarcadero Technologies will present a free webinar on the new features of Embarcadero DBArtisan 8.0 on September 21, 2004, at 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time. Interested parties may register by visiting the home page of Embarcadero Technologies (www.embarcadero.com) and clicking on the webinar link in the “Events” box.

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