Email Marketing Industry Needs Standardization

    November 30, 2007

More than 95 percent of email marketers measure their campaigns but many do use the results to support their budgeting goals, according to’s "State of Email Metrics," sponsored by Campaigner.

When asked how often they measure results, 57 percent said they measure results 24-48 hours after deployment. Only 18 percent said they measured results on an annual basis.

"One thing that I find noticeable is the lack of revisiting campaigns and their metrics on a more frequent basis,"Luc Vezina, vice president of marketing at Campaigner, said.

"In order to truly use email metrics for the betterment of your campaigns and gather key learnings from them, marketers must continually evaluate and benchmark their campaigns, in addition to looking at them immediately after the send."

Email campaigns were usually measured for success, but just half of email marketers said they used metrics for budgeting or forecasting.

Respondents had a range of email marketing budgets, but the largest number of markets (31%) budgeted less than $50,000 annually.

Simms Jenkins, founder of said," It is clear from these responses that there is a strong need for metric definition and standardization across the email marketing industry and that metrics are a very valuable tool in measuring and maintaining success."