Elvis: First Known Gmail User

    April 1, 2004

Google announced a new free email service at the end of their West Coast day yesterday, ensuring a media blitz on the holiest of hoaxter holidays – April Fools Day. Is this upcoming service the real deal?

Do you think Gmail is a hoax? Share your views.

GMail has Left the Building
GMail has Left the Building

John Battelle said, “…this has got to be an April Fool’s Joke. A very believable one, one that in the long run may come true, but a joke.”

I’m inclined to think so too, especially considering the tone of the press release, which sounds like an Onion reporter wrote it in a parody Google’s loose, freewheeling corporate image.

And then there’s the gig of space they claim to offer users – how long would it take before that ocean of email burst from the Google server farm and sank Washington?

Classic Google prank or the next big leap in free email? Tell us what you think.

Remember, Google is hiring… is this because of their expected increase of work due to handling gMail?

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