Ellen DeGeneres Tell-All To Hit Shelves Soon

    July 16, 2014
    Amanda Crum
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Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia De Rossi have been in the headlines quite a bit lately as rumors of infidelity, alcoholism, and secretly recorded fights hit the web; now, the promise of a new “tell-all” book written by a celebrity journalist has fans eager to find out what exactly goes on behind closed doors in the couple’s home.

Ellen has been a daytime darling for several years with her Emmy-winning talk show, and when she and De Rossi went public with their relationship, their fans were overjoyed for them. For a long time, it seemed they were the perfect couple, but recent stories about Ellen’s alleged controlling ways have made their way onto celebrity gossip sites, as well as rumors of excessive drinking on De Rossi’s part.

“Ellen is domineering and Portia is passive. Ellen always calls the shots, and Portia never complains,” a source said. “She felt like a prisoner in her own home. She went from sipping white wine occasionally to drinking at least a bottle or more a day and topping it off with a pill. It got to the point where she was out of it four nights a week. They’ve had vicious shouting matches — with both of them yelling cruel, soul-crushing put-downs that they both deeply regretted.”

Journalist Randy Jernigan says his book will expose a lot of previously unknown facts about the couple when it is released.

“Many fans don’t know that Ellen and Portia have had a very tumultuous romance since the very beginning,” he said. “They both care for each other very much but neither is good at the whole give and take aspect of a relationship.”

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  • bill

    This book is an example of “supply and demand.” If people don’t buy it, no one will publish it. How about we all ignore the book, let Portia and Ellen have some privacy, and believe Ellen when she tells her fans if there’s anything to know about her life she will tell us.

    • Sondra

      Bill, I don’t need to read a book to know that Portia is not the first and will not be the last to succumb to Ellen’s controlling ways. Any humility she may have had went out the window when she came out of the closet!

      • Kris

        Are you friends of theirs?

  • who cares

    ellen is nasty in my book

    • Kris

      And you know this how?


    Ellen has provided for Portia in ways Portia could never do for herself. Don’t forget that. It’s hard when you foot the bill for everything to watch your partner succumb to alcoholic binges. Give them some grace. Hopefully this can be worked out.

  • Pegasus999

    Gee, everything not working out for a lesbian couple. Boo-frickin-hoo.

    • Kris

      You are a big baby!

  • Leon

    gay marriage – a boon for divorce attorneys!!!!

    • Guesty

      You’re absolutely right! All the divorced people I know are gay.

  • Kris

    Unless I hear it straight from Portia or Ellen, I won’t believe it~

    • Sue

      You will get a call tonight.

      • Kris

        Oh good, I will record it!

  • Angella Patches Wessel

    Amazing how close this comes to sounding like an Rita Skeeter article!

  • Rudy Palma

    Their relationship is none of our business.

    • Sue

      Yahoo makes it our business!!

  • ugottabe kidding me

    to add to your post.portia’s bio clock (and she misses penis) is ticking and try as she might ellen is still a woman and unable to get her pregnant the natural way, no matter how she cuts her hair or how she dresses ellen is still a woman and pisses sitting down so their relationship cannot be natural…hence the problems (drugs, alcohol, eating disorders)

    • grandinettimichael

      Ellen’s fashions from The Men’s Warehouse don’t help.

  • grandinettimichael

    These people are pathetic.

  • Goldie Digger

    I love watching both Ellen & Portia and as a high profile couple, there life is an open book for lies.
    Until Ellen comes back on the air in September 2014 & as always tells her fans the truth.
    I don’t believe what the rugs of Hollywood say about them until I hear it from Ellen’s mouth or Portia’s mouth.

  • Judy Thorne

    I wouldn’t read her book if I never read another book. I wish she would go away,,,far, far away!

  • Sue

    Another same-sex marriage gone sour. That’s not supposed to happen, they fought for so long to have what is rightfully theirs, it just breaks my heart.

  • Aaron M Stewart

    stupid. i hope no one buys the garbage. a third party assessment of someones inteimate relationship based on hearsay from others? seems a tad unfair and self-serving to me, looking to make a buck on gossip. shameful.

  • Tom

    who is perfect in a relationship?