Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi Reportedly Making Things Work


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Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have been under the media radar for months.

Their alleged marital problems have garnered lots of attention from fans and news outlets, collectively.

Several rumors begin circulating when the 41-year-old actress entered rehab for drug and alcohol addiction earlier this summer. However, the two are reportedly trying to make their marriage work, reports Radar Online.

An insider close to the couple shared the details about their intent to stabilize their rocky marriage.

"Ellen says that she and Portia are doing so much better,” the source said.

"Towards the end of last season everything was really taking a toll on her. While Portia was in treatment and everyone was predicting that they were getting a divorce, it was really hard. But thankfully, all of that has passed.”

The latest report comes just a few weeks after another source revealed the couple's desire to have children. InTouch Weekly reported that Portia wants to have a baby in the near future to complete their family. So, they're reportedly making plans to bring that dream to fruition.

"All Portia can talk about is beginning a new chapter in their lives and starting a family," a source told the publication. “Portia made a video montage of Ellen with kids she’s interviewed over the years... It really choked Ellen up. Portia hugged her, whispering, ‘You’d be the best mother ever.’ She thinks a child will bond her and Ellen forever.”

The most recent news actually coincides with the previous InTouch Weekly report. So, apparently the celebrity couple is back on track! The source also told Radar that Ellen and Portia are definitely in it for the long haul.

“Ellen says that she will be with Portia forever and that she puts her wife before anything, even her career,” the source said.

The couple is reportedly "stronger than ever" now. Hopefully, things stay that way!