Ellen DeGeneres: Did She Cheat on Portia de Rossi?

    July 20, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have been in the headlines for weeks, with headlines of divorce rumors, meltdowns, and a stint in rehab for Portia thrown straight into the public eye. Now one source says Ellen cheated on Portia right before that rehab stay. It seems Portia believes that Ellen had an affair with a mutual friend right before she headed off to rehab in May.

Ellen DeGeneres reportedly wants her save her marriage, however–she hasn’t publicly admitted to this affair–and the two have long been engaged in couples therapy.

“It’s going to take a lot for Portia to trust Ellen again,” the source said. “They kept up with the therapy after Portia got out of rehab, but they still have a long way to go.”

Meanwhile it seems Ellen DeGeneres has just cashed in on the A. Quincy Jones-designed Brody House on Los Angeles’ Westside. Napster co-founder Sean Parker bought the home for $55 million, meaning Ellen made a tidy $15 million on the flip. She bought the home last winter for $40 million. She and Portia de Rossi are known for flipping homes. This particular house was reportedly named as among the reasons behind a recent blow up and Portia’s return to drinking. It seems she shouldered most of the renovations to the home–ones that she and Ellen were supposed to do together.

Ellen DeGeneres, of course, is steering clear of any of these personal issues when addressing the media. Her on-air persona hasn’t changed, nor has her apparent compassion for what’s going on in the world around her. On Friday, what would have been Nelson Mandela’s birthday–Nelson Mandela Day–she shared her thoughts about the late, great leader.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are likely making headlines in part because of Ellen’s constant media presence. The talk show host and comedienne is known for being kind, generous, loving, and funny. Is this how she behaves behind closed doors or is there a side of Ellen that very few people have seen? This is no doubt a very intriguing aspect of the Ellen and Portia debacle–at least for those on the outside looking in.

It would be sad to imagine Ellen DeGeneres isn’t who she is on TV. Hopefully time will prove these rumors to be just that–unfounded rumors–and Ellen and Portia de Rossi will wind up living their happily ever after–both in the Hollywood celebrity realm and behind closed doors.

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  • Tater

    I think her name is Amanda Lee Rogers instead of Portia di Rossi. Google it.

    • jrwlsju

      She changed her name legally. People are allowed to do that.

    • Doctor Who????

      Is she known worldwide as Amanda Lee Rogers or Portia de Rossi? She is known professionally as Portia de Rossi.
      It isn’t uncommon for people to adopt stage name.

      Norma Jean Mortenson became Marilyn Monroe. Alphonso Joseph D’Abruzzo became Alan Alda.

    • Egor Minion

      so what?!? does your birth certificate give your name as “Tater?”

      • Tater

        Yes. Middle name Sue. Tater Sue. Gitcha some of that.

  • grandmadove

    enough with the innuendos, don’t print anything until it is fact.

    • Joseph E. Bowker

      Fact, Ellen has enough money to make sure nothing gets printed.

      • Tater

        Don’t be ridiculous.

    • worldgonemad

      Oh Please!!! Since when has this type of media waited on facts???

  • 4metoknow 4met

    do you people edit your writing at all.. don’t you use spell check? Sentence structure?


    Portia di Rossi is one of the most ultra-feminine girls in the World !!!

    • BuckeyeBornAndRaised

      I guess opposites are attracted to one another.

  • Jamie Michaels

    Why doesn’t Ellen just pull a Chaz Bono? She is so ‘butch’ but strapping that big one on every night can drain you! The ‘Ellen ‘ you see on tv is so sweet and generous. She does what Oprah did for years, put on a act and rake in the money. Number one is give expensive shit to viewers at the live show. Didn’t Oprah give one audience a new car? That little act she has going as in help the homeless. I would too if it was $100k she gets the cousins(there is another story with those two) to help some poor family. If I was making a million bucks for each show, what a strategic plan to relate to the common folks while she fucks Portia’s brain out after removing all her mens clothes after coming home from the Bank. Sorry, big bucks won’t buy a penis!

    • Kris

      You are over the edge in your comments. Quite frankly, your type make me sick!

    • rubytuesday

      Crawl Back into your cave and kill yourself…..Do the world a favor…

    • hr

      yea, people who talk crap like you are usually over compensating for something…

    • Shemar Moore’s Bae

      harsh words coming from someone with a name that can be a guy or a girl. Is that what your anger issues are about? You need a chill pill

  • PowerVoter86

    Hey dipshits, NO ONE is how they seem on TV. If you think people are going to put anything less than their best foot forward on TV and hide their skeletons, you are wack.

  • ~..~

    Who cares and why is everybody making a big deal about this. You people need to get a life.

  • ~..~

    Who cares

  • Sue

    Not so sweet and funny after all huh Ellen? Cheatin’ B****!

  • ThomasFrancisBeckett

    Of course she cheated. what else is news?

  • ed_wood

    Protect our precious homosexual angels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You can gossip about anyone else.
    You can imagine about anyone else.
    You can make innuendoes about anyone else.
    But not about our precious homosexual angels!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And besides, everyone needs a little old man like Ellen Degenerate as a lover. I know I do. I’d be on that like white on rice, like green on grass, like dark on night, like hot on fire, like dumb on Obama, etc.

    • Yeppy12

      How about “like stupid, ignorant, and bigoted…..on ed_wood ?”

  • Lux Tempo

    I’m so glad I just wasted 5 precious minutes of my life reading about an overpaid celebrity and her spouse. Just shoot me now..

    • rubytuesday

      Give a gun and I will. Gladly….

    • Debra

      But you did ?

  • Kris

    Why are so many people one here so disgusting in their comments? I find most of the comments to be way out of line and offensive. If you don’t like either one of these stars, so be it, but your crude comments only show how low your intelligence is.

    • Sigrid Wharam

      Ellen and Portia are good people. They just live in Hollywood that is nothing but a rumor mill, that paparazzi have to make money on. Stars cant live normal lives.

  • Scamuel

    Nothing sadder and more pathetic than two old slutty queers fighting with each other publicly!

  • MakalaniDGarvey

    What’s the big deal if Ellen licked a little on the side. She brought her tongue back home! People — gays included — in what they think are monogamous — committed relationships/marriages need to learn: “It’s not yours — just your turn!”

  • Linda Scarboro Romer

    Exactly what difference does it make what Ellen and her wife do behind closed doors? Ellen seems to be a great person, helping people and animals almost each and every day. She has done more for people and animals than any other talk show host that I know of. Portia di Rossi changed her name? What’s that got to do with anything? I’ve changed my name twice due to marriage. Does that make me a horrible person…I think not! We all have issues and problems. Leave them out of the public eye and let them work through their problems just like those of us who are not famous would do.

  • Carrie Fischer

    Who cares what these two lap lizards do? I personally don’t consider this valuable news, and the majority of Americans consider this an abomination to the sanctity of marriage. If they have trouble, I imagine they will work it out like most folks do.

  • Bicycle Girl

    They (gays) wanted the privilege of marriage. Now they also get to experience the pain of divorce.

  • bparno

    What a world these gay’s live in. Long long ago ellen betrayed the man she was created for, and who was created for her. Therapy????? ha ha ha ha.

  • Goldie Digger

    Just Stop The Hate, Live, Laugh & Dance!

  • http://www.brickellprincess.com/ Brickell Princess

    Get it together ladies! This nonsense, at your level, is highly unacceptable.

  • grandmadove

    Stop printing this old news

  • Artful Dodger

    I just can’t believe that Ellen would stick her finger in another dyke let alone that it leaked.

  • Bre Browne

    People are rarely the way they seem, behind closed doors they are totally different.

  • samantha

    These are rich people problems! If anyone want’s to concentrate on real problems, well then let’s help abused and neglected children, and stray animals etc. Ain’t noone really concerned over who Ellen screws.

  • anastasia

    i think portia is hetero