Ellen DeGeneres And Portia De Rossi In Therapy After Divorce And Cheating Rumors

    July 21, 2014
    Val Powell
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Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi are now in therapy, sources say. The two have been the target of divorce rumors, and an insider says that De Rossi thinks DeGeneres had an affair with their mutual friend right before she entered rehab in May.

According to reports, De Rossi checked into rehab to receive treatment for her alcohol and drug use. They had a fight because of DeGeneres’ alleged cheating.

“Portia hadn’t been happy for a while and was drinking and isolating [herself], and Ellen confronted her,” the insider said. De Rossi said that DeGeneres was the one who drove her to drink, saying that she does not love her anymore. The statement affected DeGeneres and she “screamed at Portia to get out.” The source also said that DeGeneres has a domineering personality, while De Rossi is passive and never complains.

For the past few weeks, there were reports that the couple will soon be divorcing. Amidst the cheating and divorce rumors, it seems that the couple is doing their best to save their relationship through therapy.

Ellen DeGeneres And Portia De Rossi try to save their marriage

“It’s going to take a lot for Portia to trust Ellen again. They kept up with the therapy after Portia got out of rehab, but they still have a long way to go,” said the source. They have been trying hard to spend more time together and mend their relationship. A month ago, the two were spotted on a yacht together.

The source said that DeGeneres loves De Rossi “more than anything in the world” and she wants to ensure that she is physically and emotionally healthy. She is supporting her wife’s recovery and has given up alcohol. DeGeneres is glad that her partner is out of rehab and she is enjoying their time together.

DeGeneres and De Rossi were married in 2008. According to reports, they will be renewing their wedding vows next month in celebration of their sixth anniversary.

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  • Daniel Held

    Another b-o-r-i-n-g-l-y inane story.

    • rockyhardwick

      That no one forced you to read or pay attention to.

  • cltaylor

    Unless the source is Ellen or Portia it would be nice if the “sources” would shut up and if the media would leave the couple alone. All couples have issues, to put a magnifying glass onto any given celebrity couple is just cruel and intrusive. Leave them alone.

    • Deborah

      I think the sources should shut up and the media would just leave gays alone in all of these stories. I’m sick of the headlines. If we ignore them, seriously, they’ll go away.

    • TB Player

      Truth hurts, doesnt it? I bet you didnt care about the media when it was say… a heterosexual behaving this way, like Charlie Sheen? I hate to break this to you, but just because you choose the Gay Lifestyle does not mean you get a free pass as a celebrity who gets drunk and abuses women…

  • City Life

    Good for them, relationships require effort and sometimes you need an outside perspective for a bit of clarification. Whatever issues they may be having, I hope they can work through them together and grow stronger from their experience.

    • Deborah

      Yes, let’s hope the issues they work through are their gender identity issues so much so that they end up with real MEN in the end.

      • JustPassingTime

        Just about the same thing I was thinking!

  • Christopher Payne-Taylor

    Seriously? There’s actually a reason anyone would care? Oh, wait, cute cat videos garner millions of views every day of the week. Never overestimate the IQ of the Internet idiot.

    • rockyhardwick

      And yet, here you are, still paying enough attention to it to write a comment from your high horse.

      • GG

        Wow, Rocky. You’re a bit of a troll aren’t you? Why don’t you take your own advice. People are entitled to their opinion. You don’t like it? Don’t look at it.

        • rockyhardwick

          Such irony in you telling me that. Don’t like what I’m saying? Don’t look at it. Clearly isn’t changing the fact that I’m being voted up.

          There’s sharing an opinion, and then there’s pretending to be better than everyone else by saying you don’t care about something you still took time to click on and look at.

          • Christopher Payne-Taylor

            Ah, how sweet, Rocky. Being voted up really does show how much you care about people you don’t know and don’t know you, much less care about anything you have to say one way or another. How high is YOUR horse?

  • BAR

    Of course she cheated. Look at the stats on gays. In their lifetimes they have as many as 500 partners and none of them are faithful, always looking. That’s why this whole marriage thing is ridiculous. 70% of them end up in breakups even before the marriage thing.

    • readslate

      “They” ????? “NONE of them are faithful”
      What an illiterate, opinionated response. I would consider the fact that some relationships include cheating and ALL are a lot of work. And many dating couples do not end up married. That would be fair for both hetero and homo sexual relationships. Across the board.

      • Deborah

        Sorry. Compared to married males and females that are straight? 85% for female and 75.5% as far as sexual fidelity. Gays? 4.5%. That’s pretty bad. Maybe I’m wrong when I say NONE but 4.5% of the 1.5% gay population is approximately 0.000675 that WILL be faithful to their gay partner. Pretty slim.

    • Trexinmichigan

      70 percent is the hetro divorce rate, try again.

      • Deborah

        I see you didn’t argue with my 500 partners Trexinmichigan cuz you know it’s true. Here’s a better stat for you. 4.5% of homosexual males report fidelity compared to 75.5% married straight males. 80% of straight marriages last about 5 years, 66% for 10 years, 57% for 15 years. Still that’s much better than a gay person. 31% remain together for 1 to 3 years, 29% for 4 to 7 years, 14% for 8 to 11 years, 6% for 12 to 15 yeras and only 5% EVER make it past 20 years. Heterosexuals? 50% for 20 years or more. Put that in your butt and smoke it.

        • JustPassingTime

          Nice Barbara!

  • Bonne Kennedy

    Real estate rehab trickling down to Hollywood. I don’t know which is worse the real estate lobbies or the oil barons. God help us all.

  • dewooded

    Pretty funny. Now there’s queer divorces. Bet the lawyers are excited for the new business.

    • Deborah

      There is no such thing as a queer divorce. They end up on death row for murder before they let their gay partner go. 50% of death row are lesbians. Here are more stats on gay partner violence. They experience by far the highest levels of intimate partner violence compared with married couples as well as cohabiting heterosexual couples. It is 300! times greater among gay men and 44 times greater among gay women than traditional married couples.

  • Scamuel

    Nothing sadder than seeing two slutty old
    ‘Ho queers fighting in a public forum!

  • TS Eliot

    Cheating is the same no matter what one’s sexual orientation is. It is destructive to the commitment. While therapy may help them in the short run, it will not ‘save’ their marriage unless both agree to change what each is doing wrong: Portia’s alcohol/drug abuse and Ellen’s infidelity and controlling behaviors.

    • Deborah

      It’s not sexual orientation. It’s a gender identity issue mixed with a bit of mental illness. Nothing that therapy and meds can’t handle.

      • TS Eliot

        Okay, Deborah, we get it. You’re heterosexual. Okay. No problem, but you not understanding the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity is a problem. Please do some research.

        • Deborah

          Oh I understand the difference alright. Any gay person has a gender identity problem that was never dealt with at onset. Sexual orientation just says you like women as a woman and that you like men as a man. It’s an attraction to same sex. It has nothing to do with heterosexual as far as definition. That’s where you need to understand the difference. There is no such thing as a “commitment” in a gay relationship because they simply are not capable of it. Therapy won’t help, nothing will help until they get out of that destructive behavior and commit to the opposite sex. It’s not fail proof in a normal relationship but there’s a better chance of it working. Gays are the most unfaithful group of people out there where relationships are concerned. Fidelity among gay men is 4.5% compared to 85% of straight men. A gay person can be “committed” to one another but there are at least 3 or 4 other partners within that relationship. Those are the facts. And I really need to add that gays have over 500 to 1,000 partners in their lifetimes. If that happened among heterosexuals that would be considered a sickness.

  • Geronimo Smith

    Once the TRUST is lost, and being in THERAPY again, seems to be more of a case of DENIABILITY… Portia is being driven in different directions of alcohol/drugs, and all because of Ellen. Ellen is the ROOT of all her troubles, so if she wants to get a FRESH start, better to start ASAP…

    • Deborah

      Oh the root of their troubles is MORE than just Ellen my friend.

  • Peter the great

    De Rossi needs a man’s tool….You can’t fake it for long. Plastic does not react like a real man member. Come her Portia, I will ride you like a Porsche…..

    • Deborah

      She’ll come to find that out. If she’s wise.

  • Jody Williams

    tell them to go lick pussy in private we do not care about their bull shit abnormal relationshite

    • JustPassingTime

      Jody could you rephrase that please….maybe swap out a word for another word? Thanks!

      • Deborah

        Why? Does that bother you? Gays want it out there so people put it out there. Don’t see a problem with that. It is what it is. Gays started this train wreck so it’s on it’s course.

  • Herrmaniac

    Look, I happen to know the problems arose from Portia’s dislike of Ellen’s ‘Strap-on’ selection…is that f’n hilarious or what?!…LOL!

  • Diane Shine On

    Every relationship goes through its trials and tribulations, just as Ellen and Portia’s has. The good thing is is that we learn the most from our challenges in life if we are willing to ask God and the universe to show us the lessons we need to learn. And if we are open to receiving these lessons we will then heal, move onward, and become better human beings, and spiritual beings, having done so. That is what Ellen and Portia are doing and I applaud them for taking the steps necessary to grow in their journey together. They are a fabulous couple, and I believe they have done so much to help the world rise up and accept the rights of all people to love whomever they choose to love, regardless of their sexual orientation. It’s sad and disappointing to read so many negative responses to this couple, but I have decided to skip over the negative energy because it really is a form of bullying. However, I will send you positive energy that you stop the negative self-talk and negative internet talk, and let the Light in. You are a much better person then what you portray. Start tapping into your Higher Self so you can banish the E.G.O., which according to Dr. Wayne Dyer, Edges God Out. Stop judging others and just live the best life that you can live. See the good in everyone. Shine with the Light you were born with and you will experience great joy in your life. And by the way, Dr. Wayne Dyer married Portia and Ellen and he is simply one of the greatest teachers and Light Workers on the planet today. Read his books and you will become enLightened. I’m sure Ellen and Portia have reached out to him for spiritual guidance and healing because all three of them are magnificent spiritual beings, and fellow Light Workers. It would be so much more productive if you channeled your energy towards the Middle East and pray for peace, forgiveness, healing and reconciliation in that part of the world. And pray too for our country. We need a lot more love and a lot less hate in this world if we are going to survive. Each one of us needs to be accountable for what we say and do. Choose to rise up and shine on and make the world a better place. I believe in you and I know you can do that if you consciously choose to. I’m sure that Ellen and Portia will never read any of these comments but I will still send out my love, Light and best wishes to them that they grow exponentially from this experience, and if it is their will, to share it with others so that we too can rise up and shine on! Remember…we are ALL in this together. What happens to one of us truly happens to all of us, and that is worldwide. “Oneness” is the new Me. Love to all who read this and beyond…Shine and Pass the Light on for Peace! xoxox Diane

    • Christopher Payne-Taylor

      God, does this Dr. Phil feel-good pap really make any sense to anyone whatsoever?

  • Joel Busher

    10 Reasons for
    Criminalizing Homosexuality

    Reason #1 Gay
    activists have corrupted and have used corrupted judges to topple the
    Constitutional Will of the American People. The right to homosexuality is not
    an American right but a judge made right.

    Reason #2: The gay political
    activism is corrupting American children in the public educational system
    beginning in kindergarten and will not stop until the crime of homosexuality is

    #3 The use of innumerable public bathrooms for their sexual escapades is
    destroying the decency of our community.

    #4 The visible “lewd and lascivious” gay pride parades are destroying local
    communities and cities, and is perverting our local administrators and police.

    #5 The death penalty for homosexuality
    is commanded by God of the Bible

    #6 The perversion of child adoption is a threat to that child where the home
    ought to offer a high quality example of sensible and moral values. Dangerous
    lifestyle of homosexuality recognizes pornography, male and male orgies, and
    lewd parades as part of their life style and is a threat to the moral
    well-being of children.

    #7 Homosexuality is a violation of social compact which is created for the
    perfection of society not it perversion. The bathroom confusion in California
    has revealed the extent of the homosexual spirit in its ability to destroy
    civil society. The power of the majority of American have the right to restore
    the punishment for homosexuality.
    Additionally, the vicious attacks against the Christian community must
    be vigorously responded to.

    Reason #8 Those
    who discourage public debate by name calling are a danger and
    threat to the very nature of free government. Jesus said that calling
    someone “Roca” (empty headed) is a punishable offence.
    Why? Because it destroys the process of enlightenment which is
    required for making the majority sensible for important social
    impacting decisions. Name calling is a criminal offense. The Gay Community
    relentless use of name calling such as homophobic, troll, moron, bigot,
    nut-case, and other derogatory statements destroy public debate, and it is
    destroying free government based on the enlightenment of the majority
    and is criminal and another reason to make homosexuality illegal.

    #9 The relentless corrupting of American people by media outlets for gay
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    Homosexuality is corrupting public opinion, and this is turning state
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    #10 The gay community has resorted to death threats and mailing of gay
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    gay community, and their tyrannical behavior must be considered an enemy to
    free government.

    – Article VIII Union of Holy Assemblies – a new proposal to the US Constitution
    makes God’s law American law.

  • Bob

    These two a**holes are causing deadly HIV to rise in the USA!

  • Mike V

    what a bunch of ugly disgusting douche bags married come on who wears the strap on you can smell these scum bags a mile away! lol

  • Darlene Hrdlicka

    I speek out on how brave the two of you are, to admit change and correction is need. I am 4 months out of a 16 year relationship,from my soulmate, who chose the bottle over me. I am so broken,lost and afraid. I wanted nothing,but to be there in the end for him or him for me. The two of you are so brave,to be so honest about lifes mistakes and you get the simple purpose of it all., gaulity of life together. I am just so proud of you both and that you were able to do it together. I knew it was possible,just not for me. I love the Ellen show because of both of you and honesty and celebration of life. Be very happy my friends,fore you are my hope for happiness. So,so proud of figuring out the gulity of life. I can only hope one day you get this not.,this old lady is so terrible at all this high tech stuff. Thank you for giving me the hope. Always be just you and the show will be on the air for a very long time. Love Darlene

  • Darlene Hrdlicka

    By the way Barbra, men,women no distance, if a relatioship needs help and you are brave enough enough to fix itin this disposable world, you are a Super Hero in my book.

  • Mark Rosenstein

    Can’t wait for Degenerated to get out and tell us how to vote in midterm elections…!

  • ShameonU

    Same sex…Same problems!!!

  • TB Player

    Congratulations Ellen! You are to the Gay community what Charlie Sheen is to the Heterosexual community… a drunkard who abuses women! The Penis Envy is strong in Ellen…

    • Christopher Payne-Taylor

      Views like this are enough to make any sentient being wish the Internet had been aborted in its infancy.

  • slawson

    Gross, weird, and strange!!!

    • Christopher Payne-Taylor

      Amen and amen.