Ellen DeGeneres Ad Offends One Million Moms

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One Million Moms, a Christian organization created by the American Family Association which focuses on the “exploitation of children” by the media, has taken offense to a new holiday ad from JC Penny that features openly gay talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres.

The ad focuses on Ellen and some of Santa’s elves as she makes one faux pas after another regarding their height, and One Million Moms claims the jokes in the commercial are highly offensive.

“Since April, JC Penney’s has not aired Ellen DeGeneres in one of their commercials until now. A new JCP ad features Ellen and three elves. JCP has made their choice to offend a huge majority of their customers again. Christians must now vote with their wallets,” their statement reads.

But many think that the organization simply wants Ellen and JCP to part ways because of her sexuality and are blaming a 30-second ad for their own issues.

“This is very frustrating. One Million Moms needs to re-read their Bible. The group is upset over someone who is gay being in a family commercial…are they going to start looking into the backgrounds of all people who act in commercials. I mean, are they going to get upset over the person who is having premarital sex, participating in adultery, telling lies. Jesus died on the cross to forgive us of our sins, and he doesn’t hold grudges or keep tally marks. Move on!” wrote one YouTube commenter.

“Offended: A word synonymous with being just a whiny person. If they don’t like what they see they act like children having a tantrum in a store for not getting their way,” wrote another.

The One Million Moms website has a section devoted to “Take Action Now”, where followers can look up the latest causes. Among calls to action regarding Skittles commercials and the show “The New Normal” is a post about “Person Of Interest” which claims the show is following a trend of “normalizing homosexuality”. The post about JC Penny seems to have been taken down.

Ellen DeGeneres Ad Offends One Million Moms
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  • Scott

    1 Million Moms upset?! Really? Over that! … for the 1 milion who are upset….you do realize razor blades are sold to help you handle it.

  • Aidan

    I’m a conservative … and I see NOTHING wrong with this ad at all. Time for some brains … pick the right fight. Don’t be so stoooopid.

  • John


    It’s a commercial!


    There are SO MANY other things in this world that impact our lives that are offensicve is a MUCH more NEGATIVE way that we do NOTHING about…yet, we are offended by a COMMERCIAL!


  • Roger Rumley SR

    This is why we call Ellen, “Ellen, the “degenerate”!

    • Pete

      Two questions Rog:
      * Who is “we””
      * Why does this innocuous commercial make you call her a degenerate?

    • Doug

      Ellen acts more like a Christian than all those complaining. Actors are actors. Christ forgave, One Million Moms aren’t acting Christian. Too bad she is the most popular daytime talk show host. It’s up to all you Moms..that’s your right to boycott. The Greatest of all Commandments is “Love Thy neighbor as thyself. Judge and you will be Judged.

  • http://yahoo John

    Being homosexual is a sin that won’t let you in heaven. I have stop shopping at JCP and Target

    • Pete

      And you have stop writing proper sentence.

    • BLynn

      And those of us who continue to shop at those stores are relieved you are no longer there with your self righteous bigotry. You nor non of your ilk have a direct line to God nor do any of you hateful people have an open ticket to your so called heaven!

    • TT

      So, at the time of your death, if you haven’t been forgiven for all your sins, you will not go to heaven. Heavens going to be a lonely place.

    • D

      If that’s so, then so is gossip, back biting, judgement of others (Which by the way only God can do. Are you God?), drinking (even “socially”) fits of anger, cussing (even in your head!)lust (not just sexual but of money, etc.). The bottom line is Jesus Christ came and died for ALL of us. Although I don’t agree with the homosexual lifestyle, I believe Jesus died for Ellen and all others who have chosen to live as such. There is no measure or color of sin so if that sin will send you to hell then Jesus Christ’s death was in vain because we’re all damned. Salvation says you choose to let Jesus Christ come into your heart and be the Lord of your life. Grace says although we don’t deserve to be forgiven, we are because God loves us unconditionally…ALWAYS!Even when we mess up. That includes YOU! Personally…I like Ellen. A little crude at times but cool.

    • Rodger Dodger

      Someday, perhaps many years from now science will
      discover that the change in sexual orientation will be
      found to be in the genes of each individuals DNA make-
      up, that its impossible to wish it one way or another, it
      being part of the human soul , unchangeable forever.
      Please people, live and let live. Thousands of years ago
      no one ever heard of DNA s or the make up of the genes.

  • junebug

    I don’t believe it is anybody’s place to tell another how to live their life. If you don’t believe in it don’t do it, but what gives you the right to judge others or try to project what you *believe* is right onto them? You may be able to quote god, but you are NOT god.

    It is ridiculous to boycott people, or lifestyles. All people should be accepted unless they are hurting someone.

    Referring to a gay relationship as “deviant perversion” is so lost on me. Seriously? Two people with a sincere, committed love are what you call deviant perversion? Why are you so unhappy as to worry so much about those that are in a happy relationship?

    btw…I am a straight female who is thrilled when two (any two) people find a loving connection filled with respect and support.

    • BLynn

      Well said Junebug. I a straight woman, mother, grand and great gradmother agree with you 100%

    • Sessie

      I am a Christian, and believe in right and wrong, but I believe in Love first as God’s most prevalent commandment. We-humans, more oft than not, discriminate against everything, black, white, asian, hispanic, short, tall, blue eyes, brown eyes, blond hair, black hair, straight hair, nappy hair. Hate thrives in America and the world. Impeach Obama, elect Trump, both statements are silly and opinionated. In like Ellen she is funny, I shop once in a great while at JCP. Let live and let love, nice slogan, but as long as we, are human there will be differences. God gave us free will, and choice, the only creatures He gave that to. Sadly we destroy ourselves with bad choices. Including chosing to hate because of who someone choses to love, or like, or the color of the skin one is born in. We all see it everyday, Christ would be ashamed of all of us. I shop where I get the best value for my money, don’t we all. We don’t go to the grocery store and buy everything in the store, we select what fits our needs and wallet. The same with shopping at any store or restaurant. Bigotry, hatred, chosing to believe parts of the Bible to fit our needs all get you into hell and are an offence to God. Just a thought, think about it.

  • lou



  • george teisan

    the “one million moms” really need help,sound like a bunch of sick broads.i also question the “one million” mabe couple thousand at best.

  • BLynn

    GET OVER IT, They’re JOKES Damn-it! Ellen is terrificly funny and a good person. These tight butt women need to get a life and join the rest of us living here in the 21st century! BTW: Their one million claim offends me…

  • Rapunzel

    Why do we know Ellen is a lesbian anyway

  • GiGi

    I believe Jesus had one new rule for us TO LOVE EVERYONE AS HE DID! The bible states all of God’s Creations are perfect, every last one of us, and he breathe life into each of us. These Christian moms will have to atone for their dislike, or hatered of another Human Being no matter what their reasoning maybe. You ladies are too much in the world and not in the spirit that we all are (alias “THE SOUL”) God loves even those that haven’t come to him yet, little alone wonderfully created Gays. You chrisian ladies need to do a little tongue talking with the Holy Spirit and Love Everyone In The Whole Wide Wonderful, Crazy, Mixed Up World that is if you truly believe in God, and Jesus’s sacrifice for all. Amen!

  • Amy

    I am literally sick of people using my God as a scapegoat for hate and ridicule what happened to love thy neighbor? It doesn’t say love thy neighbor as long as they are not gay…right? This commercial is in no way offensive I thought it was cute and I love Ellen! I think she is refreshingly funny and bright and she is beautiful inside and out! I think people are jealous of Ellen because she is happy! Offended Moms I am offended that you are offended! Get over it! What if their children turn out to be “gay” then what? Will they be offended by that to?

    • Deb

      Exactly! Thank you!

  • Rockabily

    Unbelievable. Leave the add up and going. There is nothing at all wrong or offensive about this add except for a few so called “christians” who have nothing better to do then point fingers and keep themselves up on a pedestal. Remember when you point your finger at someone to scold them….. you always have 3 fingers pointing back at yourself.

  • Mavis

    It’s a group og 40,000 members who are at the very least, homophobic. It’s a stupid stance anyway. Everyone knows Santa’a elves are little people. The puns were more corney than anything else.

  • Patrick

    Ellen Degeneres is a wonderfully talented woman. Look at our other well-known American comics: they use profanity, vulgarity and secually explicit material to be “funny”.
    This group of women are seriously misguided. They should concentrate on teaching the true traditions of Christianity: faithfulness, kindness, forgiveness and selflessness.
    Their threats and admonishments just prove how unhappy they are in their own lives.
    Grow up and move on to more important issues.
    Off to JCPenny to spend some money on Christmas presents!!!

  • http://www.DoriguzziPhotoArt.com Rich Duzzi

    I have to assume that this is actually the so-called leadership of this group that are about the only ones causing this commotion.
    I think that JCP should simply ignore all these hate groups and I believe that they will not see any change in their bottom line.
    I think it’s a great commercial. She’s a comedian and this is what she does – it’s hilarious.

  • Becca

    I am a Christian and I am offended by these mothers and their lack of Christian acceptance. Was it not Christ who taught tolerance and mingled with those who were deemed to be beneath society? These ads do no one any harm. They are not offensive. It is GOD’S position to cast judgment on humanity and God’s position alone. This lack of tolerance must stop

    • vn

      you just became my favorite person! ive been saying the same thing for years.

  • Kay Truett

    I am a devote right wing Christian….and I found nothing offensive about the commecial. If the “small people” haven’t bombarded JCP with a humpteen million “offended” complaints, then let this whole thing go.
    Wouldn’t these one Million Offended Moms do better good for the cause of Christ by sending out Christmas cards to our military, and offering a word of hope through thought, prayer, encouragement and an uplifting scripture. Maybe even a small gift from home. PRIORITIZE, MOMS, PLEASE!!! What you are speaks SO LOUD that we cannot hear what you are saying! KAY

  • April Johnson

    Well, THIS ‘one in a million’ mom absolutely loves Ellen! I don’t want that group speaking for me. JCPenny rules!

  • http://yahoo Mary

    Yes, she is offensive. As a Christian I can say that I love her as a human being but that does not require me to accept her lifestyle choice. Homosexuality is an “abomination” to God, who loves her but not her sin. I stopped shopping at JCP when Ellen was installed as their spokesperson and I will not shop there until she is no longer in that position.

  • eric

    Religious people being homophobic, what’s new.

    • Vicki

      Homophobic and not wanting to live in a world where out children go to school and think its totally NORMAL to say hmmm do I want to kiss Tommy or Kate today. I mean get real! It IS A CHOICE and the ultimate PERVERSION, some like bondage, some like it rough, some like the ULTIMATE extreme which is the same sex. IT IS WHAT IT IS, don’t call us “homophobic” because we insist on NORMALCY for our youth!

  • Alison

    I don’t see anything offensive about this commercial. I think One Million Moms is offended by a gay woman in a Christmas commercial. In which case, all those moms can f*** off!

  • Alicia

    To: One Million Moms Members

    Get a grip… and a life.


  • Santas Elf

    Lighten up people, my goodness, it is just a commercial ..Corny but cute, lighten UP !

  • A.

    Super Christians need to get laid and chill out.

  • Jean Cason

    I’m a Christian & I believe it is not our job to judge anyone. It’s God’s. I have always loved Ellen. She is a great comedian. It doesn’t matter what her lifestyle is on this commercial because she is just so funny.

  • Teresa Ballard (Chadwick)

    OH GET OVER IT!!! She’s just advertising for JC Penneys…..not pushing her sexuality on anyone!!! I still buy their clothes….because of their products….not who advertises them!!!

  • Stephanie

    I dont see abything wrong with the ad they need to stop nitpicking just because of her sexuality. There are homosexualsthat shop in JCP they sound like a group of homophobic women to me.

  • Christian

    I don’t know about anyone else, but MY Bible says, “Judge not, lest ye be judged”. While it is their Constitutional right to say whatever they want and voice their opinions, they do NOT have the right to demand the commercial be taken off because they’re offended. COME ON people, are we seriously not allowed to make funny commercials???? Before you know it, these types of people are going to have humor banned, period!!

  • Wayne

    I would bet that if God checked his/her list of non-sinners the ” 1 Million Moms ” would be a lot smaller organization. Sure Ellen is gay but she does a lot good. Have the Moms removed all Disney related books and movies from their home and stopped going to Disney theme parks? She does alot with the Disney company. Why stop with JCP?

  • j

    The only reason you are boycotting jc penney is because ellen has come out saying she is gay if all these other actors who do commercial came out saying they were gay would you be boycotting those stores too? If so, I bet you wouldn’t have many places to shop now would you. Do you boycott your grocery store or gas stations, because I bet they have gay persons working there as well. Good Luck to you. I will continue to shop JC Penney as long as there is a store.

    • http://webpronews.com CCA

      No problem with Ellen she is great! JCpenney on the other hand has been run into the ground by their new Co Ron Johnson. It is a horrible store with no customer service anymore.

  • http://yahoo lucia

    really america u need to wake up ms ellen does alot for our people everywhere. we are letting our intelligence and ignorance take over our ability to see what is really right. those that do this are pompour and stupid yea stupid we do live in america and if u dont like it go sonmewhere where there is no sin, and maybe u need to look into your closets than point finger

  • sara

    Seriously? How about we worry about some more pressing issues than who is doing a commercial for a department store, huh? This is just so far beyond ridiculous.

  • Eileen

    I thought being a TRUE christian was excepting people for who they are and being non-judgemental

    • cdenisejohn316@yahoo.com


      • tom

        …oh denise, if you can not spell prophet you should not post about profit, which is all most of the pseudoReligious persons is about anyway.

  • Heather

    How petty and ridiculous! I am a Christian and there was NOTHING offensive about that add. They claim to be Christian, but One Million Moms preach hate. How sad…

  • Me

    Those people get offended by everything. Who are they to decide what I can and cannot watch?? One Million Mom’s leave Ellen alone. Maybe if you started watching her and knowing her more you could learn some things from her, #1 being “be kind to one another”. Sorry but your page on FB is far from “kind”.

  • http://webpronews.com CCA

    Ellen is great but needs to find a new company to represent as JCP sucks!

  • Stacy Outwater

    What is wrong with people today? Ellen Degeneres is a role model for today’s society. I’m sure there a Millions of more moms who did NOT take offense to the commercial. I did not find anything offensive in any way shape or form. Just goes to show that if people are not complaining about something their just not happy and we all have to pay for their stupidity.

  • Mother with an opinion

    Christians remember Judge Ye Not! You are so busy protesting, did you not read “Render that which is Ceasars to Ceasar and that which is God to God. It means do not be part of the world.

  • Sarah Loan

    Why do these so-called Christian groups spout nothing but hate? Seems pretty frickin’ hypocritical to me…..

  • Gary

    Wow …One millions moms need to get laid and learn to relax…..That ad was not offensive not even to elfs.

  • Charity Smith


  • pattie

    One million stupid moms that have nothing else to do but be homophobic!

  • Shirley O’Neal

    People listen to yourselves. It is okay for gay’s to be offended
    because the CEO of Chick-fil-A stated what he believed but it’s not okay for Christians to be offended with the garbage out there.

    • tom

      these jerks (jerketts) spend most of their time being ‘offenced’ at something not be sold by pat Robertson, or pushed by tony Perkins. there aren’t even 1 million of ‘em.

    • Mother with an opinion

      Yes you can be offended for the right reason.

  • Garry

    I’m going to start a group called 100 million guys. Then I can get an over reaction and a headline.

  • Lea

    As a Christian, I think the One Million Moms are being ridiculous. Scripture says “be slow to anger. Be quick to listen.” Maybe its time they look at Scripture and decide they themselves will embody it. Being offended so easily, does not show “holiness” or any type of standard. It simply reveals insecure, petty human beings. On behalf of Christianity, I apologize to the rest of the world. How sad.

  • Political Poop

    Ellen Degenerate… just a f***ing lizard!!!

    • tom

      …and it takes one to know one.

  • Rich

    Blow it out of your One Million a$$es

  • Jillian

    One Million Mom’s and WBC are the 2 most hateful groups I know.

    This add is not offensive. All One Million Mom’s want to do is hate on Ellen because of her sexual orientation. That’s all it is.

  • JB

    Can we please get over this already, its a holiday commercial for Christs sake! Why are we focusing on sexual orientation? So yesterday!!!!

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