Elle Magazine Mistake Prompts Twitter Reaction

    January 25, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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When a magazine as popular as Elle makes a mistake on a social media site as popular as Instagram, people are bound to notice in a hurry. And when someone from the magazine mistakenly captioned a photo of “The Walking Dead” actress Danai Gurira as Nene Leakes from “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta”, the incident gained some negative attention pretty fast.

“#NeNeLeakes looking gorgeous in #alexanderwang and @hot diamonds #ellewitv”, read the caption, and followers immediately responded. They also took to Twitter to call out the perpetrator for making such a blatant mistake and demanded an apology. The caption has since been taken down and replaced with, “Apologies—clearly someone on our team needs glasses! The fabulous Danai Gurira looking stunning as ever!”


This is Nene Leakes.


  • Happycat

    I know, Nene is a blonde, the other girl has black hair. Someone forgot coffee that day.

  • Rusamary

    They look NOTHING alike, are not the same complexion, or height, don’t have the same facial features, nothing in resemblance at all other than race, how could anyone make such a mistake? But then when the mindset is that Black people are less than human they don’t warrant acknowledgement of any substantial measurement. This is what happens and is called an “honest mistake”.

  • http://www.scarlettwallpapers.blogspot.com ZeeJay

    Really Amazing magazine.

  • Princess P

    It was a stupid mistake and Elle is responsible. There are proof readers and someone should have caught the error before the picture was sent out. Clearly, these women do not look alike.

  • screwybruce

    Bunch of racists posting on here today. Wanna bet this pic went through at least one black person on it’s way getting approved? Damn papers must be racist also as they misprint articles all the time. Banks too when the mistakenly send letters to members telling them they are dead. Blacks get over yourselves already and move on. The rest of humanity really wants you to catch up.

  • Katt

    Magazines have to publish corrections all the time because they put the wrong name and caption under a picture. Look at the indexes or letters page and they are Always there. Get over the racism card, People are human, people make mistakes!!!

  • Mark Frisk

    This is so far from a social media fail I scarcely know where to begin.