Elle Fanning, Sister Dakota May Do Movie Together

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Elle and Dakota Fanning are tearing it up these days in Hollywood as two sisters who have found a way to circumvent the trappings of being a young, hot star. Staying grounded has been one way to ensure that they stay focused on their respective careers, which Dakota says stay separate from one another by choice.

"We've really kept that part of our lives separate. She's never asked me whether she should do a movie or not. I always know what she's filming and where she is and who she's working with, but I don't give her advice on it. We both have our own paths that we're confident in, so she's never asked me. Of course I'd tell her if she wanted me to, but I also think that choosing the films that you want to do is a really personal thing—it's kind of just a feeling that you get and you're the only person who understands it," she said.

Though Elle has been a working actress since she was very young--appearing in film and on television and even playing a younger version of her sister in I Am Sam--the world really began to take notice of her when she starred in 2011's Super 8, playing a bit of a wild girl from a troubled family. In that role, audiences got to see how mature she could go, and from there, her career skyrocketed.

Dakota says that while the two of them would love to work together again, they're waiting for the right script to come along...and that preferably, it will allow them to branch out and play characters who aren't sisters.

"Doing a movie together is something we would definitely be interested in, but it's just about finding the right thing. Most of the things that have been brought to us had to do with playing sisters, and we both think it would be more unique to not play sisters. It's something we'll definitely do, but it's one of those things you want to do really amazingly one time," she said.

Both sisters have projects coming up: Elle in How To Talk To Girls At Parties and Dakota in The Last Of Robin Hood. They also have films out currently, with Elle starring in Maleficent and Dakota taking the lead in Very Good Girls.

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