Elizabeth Warren Won’t Run For President

    July 7, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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Senator Elizabeth Warren has left little room for doubt that she has no plans to run for President in 2016. In fact, many Democrats are now shifting to hope that she might run with Hillary Clinton as veep choice. But even that is in shadow as many point out that Warren, smart and fiery as she may be, lacks the legislative or executive experience to do the job.

That’s not to say that she won’t position herself for a run at some point in the future. But Warren is staying pretty faithful to a cause that she has championed since her days as a Republican: the financial straits of the middle class, particularly lately that of students saddled with outrageous loans.

There are some people out there who want to keep the notion alive that Warren might challenge Hillary in the Dem primary. Perhaps they are looking for a good challenger to take Hillary down a peg before she hits the general election against whoever manages to make it there from the GOP side.

Edward Klein, who wrote a book about what he describes as a contentious relationship between Hillary and President Obama is quoting unnamed sources within the White House as saying that Obama will back Warren in a race against Hillary, even going so far as to order his staff to pressure Warren into a run rather than back Hillary.

Many of Klein’s claims in his book have been challenged and found unreliable. He relies on anonymous assertions and some of his material has been outright disproven. Yet he continues to press that Obama hates Hillary, despite his appointing her Secretary of State, that Bill Clinton hates Obama, and that Obama would rather back Warren that see Hillary win.

As for Klein’s claim that Obama is backing Warren, White House press secretary Josh Earnest says that Obama is not paying attention to the 2016 race yet.

Klein says Warren has not delivered a final statement on running.

Warren told The Boston Globe, “No, no, no, no, no.”

While it is true that Barack Obama was a Freshman Senator when he ran for President, he had already worked in legislation within the state of Illinois. While Warren may be seen as “populist” by some, she is seen as “far left” by the GOP. Chances are she will position herself, but only for those ends that she wants to achieve, namely, helping the poor and middle class who are squeezed in this economy.

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  • Paul B.

    This half witted bimbo lawyer being picked by another half witted bimbo lawyer to succeed him. My God, isn’t there anyone competent out there that can win? And don’t dare mention Clinton’s name!

  • Sgt. York

    this is her way of CYA as she will never win only in a NE liberal state.

  • Gary

    Hey, come on! She will get the Native American vote! After all she is one hundredth of one percent American Indian!

  • Forest Green

    Time to stop the “grossly over rated concept” that one needs a Harvard/Yale education(or other Ivy league BS) to be president! We have had enough Obama/Bush shoved down our throats by the New York times et al.

  • Renfrow

    The movie below precisely sums up why Elizabeth Warren nor Hillary Clinton will ever sit in the White House. Obama fooled half of the population but now people are awakening from the trance they’ve been in to see his true colors. My prediction is that Ben Carson will be the next United States President. America needs an outsider and not big government aggressive Republicans & Democrats.

    Possibly the most important documentary of the 21st century. Agenda: Grinding America Down (link below)


    Inspirational presentation by Dr. Ben Carson at the Press Club last month

  • Mike Jones

    Warren will be the Democratic nominee and win the election in 2016. Warren will garner the black vote and also run to Obama’s and Clinton’s left on immigration. Obama has already squeezed out most moderate democrats from the party so progressive left will dictate the party’s position. Also, as the young vote becomes more and more influential demographic as they flipped NC in 08 and almost again in 12′ they will want a fresh and unsullied face fighting against income inequality, gay rights and student loan and rising tuition issues. She may also be able to garner a big enough slice of the female baby boomer vote with her folksy background and working class and middle class values. She should keep playing it coy for another year maybe then start tooling up.
    Clinton doesn’t have room for a surge in campaign staff and they remain very disorganized. Warren will inherit a well oiled machine that fundamentally doesn’t like Clintonian politics. The Democratic primary will draw all the air out of the room with Clinton v Warren primary fight leaving any eventual Republican challenger to look like toast before the general even begins.