Elizabeth Banks Talks About Her Directorial Debut

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Elizabeth Banks has had quite a bit of success onscreen, but now she's trying a different role: one behind the camera, for Pitch Perfect 2. The 40-year old actress spoke recently about what it was like to step behind the scenes for such a highly-anticipated follow up on her first directorial job and said she doesn't expect to replicate the first movie.

"It was really an amazing experience. You know, just wearing more hats and trying to build on the foundation of the first film and trying to give fans something that they will really enjoy and just that people will generally have fun with," she said. "I think it was lightning in a bottle. Our expectation is not to replicate that, we just want to make a really authentic original movie with a really fun story about characters that people already love. And if, like in the first film, something gets taken away from it, then wonderful, but we're not setting out to do that," she told E! News.

Banks also talked a bit about one of the many projects she's doing, which will help one lucky filmmaker get their work seen via an unlikely source: a Super Bowl commercial. The actress/director will help judge a contest sponsored by Doritos, and the winner will receive the job of their dreams at Universal.

"Everybody has to start somewhere in this business and what I really love about this contest is that they're gonna really give somebody their start in the entertainment industry. I just felt like it was a really amazing opportunity to be supportive of young filmmakers ... who want to submit their material and get seen by industry professionals," she told ABC News.

Amanda Crum
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