Eliza Dushku Allegedly Robbed on Halloween, Tweets the Whole Ordeal

Pam WrightLife

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Eliza Dushku was apparently tricked in a big way on Halloween when she was robbed Friday at the Omni Hotel where she was staying for the Rhode Island Comic Con.

The former Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress tweeted about the whole ordeal as it unfolded.

"Was just robbed in front of my hotel a few hrs ago. Cameras caught everything:hotel/police/security weren't able to do anything. #ricomiccon," the 33-year-old tweeted Friday.

Dushku continued to update her 1.6 million Twitter followers on the events of the evening. According to her tweets, the stolen Louis Vuitton duffle bag was not just any old designer bag.

"If you see anyone walk out of hotel w this Duffle bag, it was a gift from @MrsSOsbourne ON her show in '04. It's been around the world w me," she explained.

"Really upset. It's been a long night. The 2 men are in my hotel currently & 'nothing can be done,'" she wrote. "They were, of course, wearing Halloween costumes. One of the guys wore a GOLD HEAD TO TOE 'Ceasar' outfit. Anyone in RI, ring a bell.? Help."

The drama ended well after the thieves were identified and Dushku's duffle bag was returned.

Dushku shared a selfie at the hotel in her Halloween costume to prove the legitimacy of the tweets.

Pam Wright