Elisabeth Hasselbeck Prepares For Fox News Debut

    August 23, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Elisabeth Hasselbeck completed her decade-long career with “The View” in July, and now she’s ready to move on to the next big thing.

Hasselbeck will be joining Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade on “Fox And Friends” on September 16th, according to a statement released by Fox News executive vice president of programming Bill Shine.

“Elisabeth’s warm and engaging personality made her a star on ‘The View,’” Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes said earlier this year. “She has proven to be an excellent conversationalist, and I am certain she will make a great addition to our already successful morning franchise.”

Hasselbeck has already been replaced on “The View” by actress and comedienne Jenny McCarthy, but there will be other changes to the panel this year as the show fills Joy Behar’s seat with a rotation of celebrity guest hosts. The news that she was leaving made headlines this past spring, when sources told Us Weekly Hasselbeck had been fired. At the time, co-host Barbara Walters wouldn’t comment on the rumor, which only fueled the fire.

“People did not watch the show because of Elisabeth. So they told her yesterday her contract would not be renewed,” the source said.

Hasselbeck made the announcement that she was moving on to Fox News in July, saying that her time on “The View” had been “nothing short of extraordinary”.

The television host has been plumping up her resume in recent years with projects outside of the media; she’s also the author of two cookbooks, “The G-Free Diet” and “Deliciously G Free”, both of which include recipes for foods without gluten.

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  • http://Facebook Marie Lacy

    Elizabeth was one of the reasons I watched the “View”. I am turned off by the far left views. Will be looking for her on “Fox & Friends”

  • Leslie Cathcart

    I am so glad Joy Behar is leaving. She is a total idiot. A typical Obama Mama – no brains!!! She is the main reason I don’t watch!!! Elizabeth is wonderful.

  • http://yanoo ron

    Elisabeth was the only person who had a brain. The other cohost are way to far to the left. I did not watch the show I believe they are racists. Most of the news media promotes Obama like he is the messiah. President Jimmy Carter keeps smiling, Obama should take the lead as the worst President ever before his term ends. The first Black man in history to be our president what a bad showing for all the black people in the world

  • Please

    The woman is insane and you know what she is going to say before she says it. Thinking outside the box is not her strong suit and she also ignores the realities of what is going on around her. Literally, ignores them. Rose O’ Donnel really put her in her place often because Elisabeth doesn’t deal with reality. She only deals with the made-up world that exists in her head.

  • ikihi

    she is a brain dead idiot

  • Reality

    Elisabeth has great legs and is a cute blond. If it wasn’t for that, she would have been fired from the view long ago. She isn’t sharpest tool in the shed.

    She is stuck in some sort of 1950s mentality and fails to see the world and our country as it is 2013. Every time I hear her speak, it is as if she is brainwashed. She just doesn’t deal with the realities of what is occurring in the Unites States.

    Go out on youtube and watch the debate that she and O’Donnell had on 9/11. O’Donnell would give fact after fact and Elisabeth would literally not acknowledge them because the facts didn’t agree with her mindset. It was if it would shatter her world if she acknowledged the truth about things. Elisabeth wasn’t concerned with truth or facts, she was just concerned with maintaining her personal thoughts on how the world is. These types of people are the most dangerous people because they simply don’t deal with reality.

  • Soulful

    Judgmental, self-righteous, WASP still seeing the world like it is post WW2. She will fit right in with her new gig. Fox and “friends” is no friend of mine.