Elin Nordegren ‘Hates’ Lindsey Vonn [RUMOR]

    June 8, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Back in March, golf star Tiger Woods and skiing star Lindsey Vonn officially announced that they are an item. Since that time, the couple have seemed inseparable. Vonn was spotted in April cheering on Woods at this year’s Masters tournament, and the couple were seen just weeks ago jet skiing in Florida.

Though the couple seem very happy, there are those who don’t think Woods deserves another chance at love after his first marriage broke down under allegations of his rampant infidelity. It appears now that one of those people is Woods’ ex-wife, Elin Nordegren.

According to an Us Weekly report, Nordegren isn’t too happy with her ex-husband’s new relationship. The publication cites an unnamed source as saying Nordegren “hates” Vonn and “everything” about her relationship to Woods. The feelings could be related to reports that Vonn has spent time with Nordegren and Woods’ children, 5-year-old Sam and 4-year-old Charlie. In fact, Us’ unnamed source also stated that Nordegren is “angry” Woods even has visitation rights.

Vonn and Woods seem to be taking the high road in all this, living well and dealing with the intense scrutiny their relationship is under. Vonn is currently undergoing intense physical therapy for her knee, which was injured in a horrific crash at a skiing competition in February. Her current goal is to compete in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Lindsey Vonn

Great apt with Dr Sterett in Vail today. Knee is looking good!! #sochi2014 #progress #homesweethome

  • Carmen

    Maybe Elin ”hate” and anger is justified since articles on ” Celebrity Dirty Laundry” Showbiz Spy” “International Bussiness Time”, “Bussiness Insider” and others are reporing that Vonn mistreated the children and Tiger asked her to leave his house!!!

  • Nelli

    Elin… You need to realize that this CREEP will never be faithful to anyone. You’re hating the wrong person. You don’t even know her… but you do know him! You are beautiful and should quit hanging on to this resentment and hurt. You deserve so much better. And I guarantee you, that CREEP will never be happy or satisfied in his life. Move on honey!

    • Name

      Just as many women cheat as men. For every man that cheats, there is a woman he is cheating with.

      It is amazing how magazines and articles portray the woman as the “victim”. It takes two to tango – especially in relationships – when they fail, often both people are at fault.

      At the end of the day, none of us knows anything about these people. We have never met them or talked with them. To side with one over the other is pointless.

  • valesca salgado

    Tiger’s PR team is sharp. They offer a $BIG MONEY$ contract 2a divorced, blonde, injured skier. She needs publicity(Oooh, Money&Name Recognition!) since she can’t ski or endorse much & Tiger needs a girlfriend with a familiar name in the sports industry who’s not married.Tiger wants the public 2watch this sham! Think Tiger’s still seeing girls on the sly? You bet he is. Does Lindsay care? Nope, she’s getting paid as Tiger’s girlfriend. Will they breakup in 2014 when she’s focused on Olympics? Lets watch. Does Elin care? Nope, but makes 4interesting headlines! Don’t u remember the speech Tiger read after he was caught by Elin? The one his PR team wrote & told him when to cry & make sure his mom was in the audience? Same PR team that is still trying to save his Tiger Woods $BRAND! It’s all about the $MONEY$ folks!

  • Bruce

    I think is as bad as the other!! Their both in it for the Money!!