Eli Manning Explains Stoic Meme-Worthy Face at Super Bowl

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Eli Manning maintained a rather stoic face at the Super Bowl--long enough for many to deem it meme-worthy. When brother Peyton Manning's team, the Denver Broncos, scored a very important touchdown, the cameras captured a shot of Eli Manning, who looked more like he lost his best friend than someone whose brother's team was close to winning the Super Bowl.

On Monday, Eli explained the face.

"I was focused on whether they were going for two, and knew the defense had to step up and make some stops," he said in an interview with TMZ.

Twitter lit up with Eli Manning memes almost instantly.

It continued on Monday, too.

Fortunately, Eli Manning is a good sport about the memes.

He called them, as well as all the reports questioning why he looked so sad, "all good stuff."

Did you catch a glimpse of Eli Manning live during the Super Bowl? Did you wonder what was with that face?

Kimberly Ripley
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