EFF Promoting Bloggers’ Rights

    November 16, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

With Congress likely to exclude bloggers from the same protection afforded journalists, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has begun a fundraising campaign to help with the potentially nasty legal impact on bloggers.

The EFF wants to deputize the blogosphere, and is giving out badges for those blogs that support its efforts.

“We’ve created the Legal Guide for Bloggers, we’re litigating the reporter’s privilege for online journalists and we are working hard to defend bloggers’ rights to free expression, political speech, and anonymity, just to name a few,” EFF said on its site.

A lot of bloggers may not be aware of the hazards of posting thoughts and opinions online. The EFF outlined several cases where they are trying to secure the same protections mainstream journalists have, with regards to sources and reader comments among many issues.

Part of EFF’s campaign seeks to expand its donor-funded membership. The nonprofit group is offering discounted membership to bloggers who post the badges on their websites. As an extra incentive, the top ten bloggers that have the most donations come through their sites will receive EFF pajama bottoms and a t-shirt.

For those who might think this is all about money or publicity, read the casenotes about Indymedia and see if that qualifies as an incident where the EFF had an impact.

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