Edwin Mieses Jr. Family Engages Gloria Allred

    October 6, 2013
    Kristen M. Foster
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The family of Edwin Mieses Jr., run over when involved with a group of bikers harassing a family driving an SUV, has engaged legal shark Gloria Allred.

Allred and Mieses’ longtime partner, Dayana Mejia, held a press conference to discuss the incident and Mieses’ condition. Mejia and Mieses have two children. Reports list him as paralyzed after sustaining injuries to his spine, ribs, lungs and heart.

Allred maintains that Mieses was trying to diffuse the tense situation, “He told everyone to move on and go back to riding… It was then, with his back to the SUV, and as he was in front of it, that he was run over and crushed.” He may not have known his fellow bikers except for one, a friend who traveled to New York with him from Massachusetts, according to Mejia.

The bikers were participating in a rally during which over 1,000 bikers travel to Times Square, New York City. New York police are also attracting controversy related to the attack as several officers were discovered to be involved in the ride.

The driver of the SUV, Alexian Lien, was pulled from the vehicle and beaten. Lien’s wife, Rosalyn Ng, expressed her families sympathies for Mieses’ condition, but stressed that Lien was trying to protect her and their two-year-old child.

The status of Mieses’ driving record has arisen as a point of contention in the case. Allred refused to comment beyond stating it was irrelevant as he was not on his motorcycle when struck. According to reports, Mieses has not held a valid driver’s license or permit in Massachusetts for 14 years and has never applied for a motorcycle license. As of June, he had been considered a habitual offender, losing his right to drive in the state until 2017 and was recently arrested, driving with a revoked license in Andover.

Other motorcyclists that may have been involved are being sought by Manhattan authorities and one rider, Christopher Cruz, has been charged with unlawful imprisonment and reckless driving.

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  • Jeroen

    Quit hard. But it is Edwin his own guilt.

  • jerome m.

    I think Gloria bat mitzah woman should play the race card. If she goes with racism and anti semite she can win.

  • James

    I think if Edwin Mieses is a victim, he is a victim OF Christopher Cruz!!!!

  • perryM

    How do Gloria Allred, Mieses convict father and Mieses girlfriend Dayana know Edwin Miesis was trying to help and not hurt? He is in a coma. Also, he was riding without a license, had a suspended license as an habitual offender, was riding in an unlawful rally, and parked in the middle of a busy freeway…right in front of a car his comrades were viciously attacking . And some wonder how he got hit.

    • HiringGloriaAllredWasAHugeMistake

      Sometimes the smell of money has a funny way of creating alternate realities.

    • drmom5

      NOTHING, NOTHING justifies being run the hell over by a rich Asian fuck who decides he can bully bikers. NOTHING!

      • Jenn

        When you are forced to insult an entire ethnic group to make your point you have a weak argument. It only fuels the hate that drove the felonious bikers in the first place.

  • JDelRio

    If there was a situation to diffuse, doesn’t it give more credence to the family saying they feared for their safety?

    • drmom5

      We live in a country where it’s legal to murder and maim if you say you felt scared! THIS IS NOT RIGHT! Lien started it.

  • tselliot

    What does he need a lawyer for if he did nothing wrong? They think they are going to sue Lein? HAHAHA!!!! Whew! No, jury in the world would convict a fguy protecting his fmaily over this thug. She is only going to make them look even dumber when it comes out he had no license and all of the videos of reckless driving committed by the bikers. Gloria, want to help this family? Let it go, they will be made a laughing stock.

    • HiringGloriaAllredWasAHugeMistake

      You are correct. The Lien family should sue Measles for denting their car with his head.

      I’m guessing Gloria Alldred chased Measles’ ambulance all the way to the hospital so she could sign him up. She will hurt their case more than she helps, and she’s only in this for the publicity. Well, I hope she’s only in it for the publicity because any decent lawyer would know that suing the Lien family is a totally lost cause. It’s just another opportunity for her to get on camera.

    • drmom5

      So it’s OK to play chicken with bikers and then run them over because you suddenly, “got scared?” Dumbass Lien deserves to be imprisoned for life for his stupidity.

  • dont park on freeway in front of suv

    It is sad what happened to Edwin Mieses jr. I read he has no license if he had one he would know not to stop in the middle of the freeway. His dad the reverend needs to pray for his son to make better decisions. obviously he wasn’t thinking of his family while he was out riding with the rest of his gang. unfortunate but don’t put yourself in that position

    • uncommon sense

      @dont park on freeway in front of suv

      If really having a drivers license would have given him the common sense to know better than to do what he did, I’d like to buy the Brooklyn Bridge please… my wallet’s in the car.

  • HiringGloriaAllredWasAHugeMistake

    Maybe Mr. Measles can get a job as third base for the Yankees.

    I don’t mean he would PLAY third base. I mean he would BE first base.

    • drmom5

      You’re a sick mofo.

  • HiringGloriaAllredWasAHugeMistake

    This whole ordeal and the publicity will greatly increase his chances of landing that dream job of human speed bump.

  • Todd

    bikers ignoring multiple traffic laws causing an unsafe situation attempt rolling road block. Biker brakes for no apparent reason while looking behind himself knowing that this will most likely cause the bike to contact the suv. 25-40 bikers surround suv causing the driver to have reasonable imminent fear of serious injury or death of himself and passenger which leads to legal use of lethal force. in this case the suv driver has a statutory and punitive civil case against any of the found bikers

    • drmom5

      We live in a country where it’s legal to murder and maim if you say you felt scared! THIS IS NOT RIGHT!

  • Anti-Agression

    He should have died. Please let some unforseen medical complication remove thugs like him from this world…

    • drmom5

      Anti-Agression? You are a sick, sick man. Not everyone who rides motorcycles is a thug. You should have died from whatever brain injury made you into the nasty, liar you are.

  • jason

    You don’t need legs to ride a motorcycle. He can get one of those three wheeled ones and ride that without a license.

    • http://www.edwinmieses.com JayMeezee

      Opinion Poll: Edwin Mieses, Victim or Thug?

  • malissa

    Wow cruel crowd. What if your husband brother son or uncle got ran over by an suv almost killing you to death but instead paralysing you wouldn’t you be angry. I think Mr. Lien has road rage and no common sense. If he really felt he was in immenent danger then slow down and go to the nearest exit. But no this guy decideds to hit several bikers and run over one. Stupid.

    • mina

      how if you was in the car with your child and you was starting to get blocked by the motorcycles wouldn’t you protect your child?? and no of u DONT have yr licence there is a reason you dont have it so dont drive. i feel bad for him and his family cause his decisions affect the plp around him but if he wasnt driving illegally he would of be perfectly fine. so to me the way he made his bed he is laying in it.

      • Kelli

        I concur, yea any normal person would happily pull over when their tires are getting slashed and windows punched? That girl must be a crack motorcycle girl to defend him.

    • John

      Malissa, you definitely have no clue. Picture this, A motorcycle stops in front of you (to make you hit him maybe?) and your surrounded. You have 40 angry people and your Son and Husband in the car. What do you do?

      I only think what a blessing Mr. Lien did not have a gun. Mob mentality has to stop. We have cops for a reason, and by the way, any thought of poor Edwin stopped the moment it became public he was riding with a suspended license. Where in the interview did anyone explain what was he doing joy riding without a license? I think he should be fined for that.

  • geeeerod

    How is Mieses diffusing the sitation while standing in from of the SUV and blocking its right of way. He got what he deserved.
    Driving without a license and not even having a motorcycle license? He should have never been on the road period!!
    Welcome to NY…where the hospitals are great!!

  • Kelli

    People say this guy was ‘in the wrong place at the wrong time?’ Oh please, he doesn’t have a license to drive and driving erratically on the freeway with idiots resulting in him being paralyzed is more like being in the right place at the right time. Your license is revoked for a reason buddy, reasons so that your not on the road causing chaos and terrorizing families. Yes it’s terrible for his family for having to deal with an idiot like him, so feel sorry for his family not him. Sure he was trying to defuse the situation, just like the rest of them gently tapping on the windows with helmets and slashing the tires as a means to ‘defuse’ . These idiots do not deserve any priveledge to be on the road period.

    • drmom5

      Lien could have killed the first motorcycle that he hit. Bikers are a community and if you hit one, they’re going to stop you til cops get there. Driving with a suspended license is nothing compared to leaving the scene of a crime.

  • Bart Smith

    What happened to the bikers and Edwin Mieses is a result of their actions: pure thuggery. Tell your kids this story as a morality tale.

    • drmom5

      We live in a country where it’s legal to murder and maim if you say you felt scared! THIS IS NOT RIGHT!

    • drmom5

      Tell your kids that if you are rich, you can kill minorities with impunity. Lien started it and then cried ‘foul’ when he got caught.

      • Jenn

        Why do you draw conclusions about rich and poor. I am sure that motorcycle and equipment weren’t cheap

  • Jen

    He is a human being and he was paralyzed by this skittish driver. Have some empathy.

    • drmom5

      Exactly, Lien, prob. drunk from his anniversary celebration, clearly decided to play bumper-tag with bikers. Lien could have killed the first motorcycle that he hit. Bikers are a community and if you hit one, they’re going to stop you til cops get there. Driving with a suspended license is nothing compared to leaving the scene of a crime.

  • Joe

    Gang members on motorcycles. Tough guys going after a single man, a woman, and a two year old. Thank God he’ll only be riding a wheelchair from now on!

    • drmom5

      Participating in a rally does not make one a ‘gang member.’ WTF is wrong with you?

  • yolanda mintramir

    Sometimes you pay a very high price in life for doing really stupid, ignorant, ILLEGAL things while riding without a drivers license and harrassing and terrorizing families!! Is that a shame? I think it’s Kharma and devince retribution. This should slow an a-hole down a bit!

    • drmom5

      Lien could have killed the first motorcycle that he hit. Bikers are a community and if you hit one, they’re going to stop you til cops get there. Driving with a suspended license is nothing compared to leaving the scene of a crime.

  • yolanda mintramir

    Can you do a brake check in a wheelchair?

  • Dave Double

    Sure hope Edwin was able to sign up for Obamacare before all the website problems

  • GloriaAlready

    I steadfastly support Edwin’s right to ignore common laws in pursuit of his happiness. I also support his chosen occupation as an entrepreneur drug sales rep. I admire his not marrying his baby mama so she can continue to collect benefits. This guy is a GENIUS, I tell you!

    Any attempts to refer to speed bumps as “Edwins” will have to go through me.