Editorial Status Keeps Yahoo Search Ads Real

    April 3, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Yahoo’s Search Marketing folks compare the review of ad campaigns posted to their service with the process of giving a Presidential candidate an editorial endorsement.

It’s a little known fact, wrote Stephanie Bilberry at the Yahoo Search Marketing blog, how a candidate picks up the endorsement of a newspaper.

“Typically, the editorial board of a newspaper will conduct lengthy interviews with contenders and choose those whose positions on crucial issues are aligned with the newspaper,” she said.

Further discussion on that topic should be directed to the political blog or website of your choice. I’m sure not going to touch it. Stephanie’s continued prose merits more attention for Yahoo’s search marketers.

Once an ad has been composed and submitted to Yahoo, it undergoes a review for compliance with Yahoo’s editorial guidelines. That may be a little intimidating to the newer search marketers; staying within the boundaries should not prove a problem, though.

“Advertisers have the opportunity to direct searchers to their goods and services, and, in turn, Yahoo! is perceived as a trusted source for information that searchers are seeking,” she wrote. “Without editorial guidelines, these shared benefits would have difficulty coexisting.”

Yahoo keeps its clients up to date on the status of the editorial review. Stephanie noted how advertisers can check their management consoles to see this information. Any keywords or ads that may have been removed or declined will have a reason listed on the Editorial Details page.

Being familiar with the guidelines should help advertisers avoid running afoul of them. Using trademarks can be challenging; that particular issue has a page dedicated to it.