Edie Falco Talks About Love Affair With James Gandolfini

By: Amanda Crum - June 20, 2013

Edie Falco mourned the sudden passing of onscreen husband James Gandolfini today, and said that it was difficult to separate the love affair her character had with his from real life sometimes.

“It was weird to sit down at a table read with the actresses playing Tony’s girlfriends,” she told The Daily Mail. “Occasionally I would get a sharp twinge at the back of my neck, because, especially if I’m tired, the emotional lines would bleed into each other and I’d have to kind of keep my bearings and remember, No, no, no, this is your job, and at home you have your life. Even years later, I remember when I saw Jim in God of Carnage on Broadway, and he was Marcia Gay Harden’s husband, and I had this “How come I have to be O.K. with this?” kind of feeling.”

Indeed, Gandolfini said once that he would always be in love with his television wife.

“I’m still in love with Edie. And, of course, I love my wife, but I’m in love with Edie. I don’t know if I’m in love with Carmela or Edie or both. I’m in love with her,” he said in a Vanity Fair interview.

Gandolfini succumbed to a massive heart attack on Wednesday while on vacation in Italy, and since news broke, social media sites have been flooded with mentions of the actor who brought a troubled but lovable mob boss to life on “The Sopranos” and had a colorful career in film. Despite Tony Soprano’s adulterous ways and fathomless anger, Falco said that the love he shared with his wife was remarkable.

“The love between Tony and Carmela was one of the greatest I’ve ever known,” she said. “I am shocked and devastated by Jim’s passing. He was a man of tremendous depth and sensitivity, with a kindness and generosity beyond words. I consider myself very lucky to have spent 10 years as his close colleague. My heart goes out to his family.”

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  • Ian Elliott

    I feel the same as everybody. I felt like I knew Tony Soprano. I saw Gandolfini in a couple of films as well, but I lost track of him after The Sopranos ended. I wish now that I had followed his subsequent career. I predict he will stay in syndication for a long time.

  • http://yahoo.com linjaynes

    The quality I felt he had in abundance as an Actor, was his uncanny ability to make his fan base feel that Tony Soprano was our Uncle, or Brother. He was family & will be missed by so many, I wonder if he even knew how many fans he truly had, that felt they knew & loved him? R.I.P.

  • http://webpronews Mare

    This is the person I have been waiting to hear from. I knew Edie Falco would be devastated by this news. I always hoped I would get to see the two of them together again on Broadway. Such a great loss to television, movies and the stage.

  • ad

    man I was just hearing last week about a possible sopranos movie. man this man is going to be missed. the whole soprano series was probably my favorite of all time. rest in peace T you will be sorely missed.

  • Tobin

    in the words of Andrew “THE DICEMAN” Clay:

    ………”HE F@(CED HER!!”

    R.I.P. BIG JIM

  • Rivkah

    ‘it was difficult to separate the love affair her character had with his from real life sometimes. ‘

    Ms Crum, you must proofread. This isn’t the first time you’ve neglected to do so.

    • bonnie

      Now is not the time. Someone has died. You can proofread later.

  • zaff

    RIP Tony Soprano that is how I knew him even do his character was ruthless he was also tender and sweet. I never had the pleasure to meet him in person but I always liked him a lot, like millions of people. I can imagine how hard it must be for his family and close friends this loss.

  • janet ochotorena

    I loved the Soprano’s and very sad to hear James Gandolfino is gone at such a young age. We love you Tony!! Ba Da bing!

  • janet ochotorena

    I loved the Soprano’s and very sad to hear James Gandolfini is gone at such a young age. We love you Tony!! Ba Da bing!

  • puck

    serves him right for being a fatty

    • kathleen

      I just lost my beautiful daughter and se dealt with assholes like you all her life who criticized her fluctuations in weight. Death never serves anyone right and I see you hide behind a dumb name like puck.

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      • Jill

        Just because you are overweight has nothing to do with having a heart attack. my aunt was 42 yrs old very thin and did not smoke or drink and died of a massive heart attack. Or what about those athetic people who suddenly collapse and die. I am a heavier woman with a perfect blood pressure I eat right and exersize. but through the years meds, hormones took over and i am not 110 lbs anymore. So please don’t characterize being over weight with heart attacks. It’s not the only factor. and Kathleen your daughter sounds like she was a beautiful person. God bless.

      • Pam

        @Kathleen, I feel your pain. God bless you and your family. Don’t let a fool like that low life, Pucksucker get you down.

    • bonnie

      Just so you know, Puck, since you seem to be devoid of knowledge, heart problems and weight don’t go hand in hand. My husband is thin and has had heart problems for years. I am overweight and have no heart problems. I have a super skinny friend whose blood pressure is double what it should be. She probably weighs 90 pounds. So don’t speak of what you don’t know.

    • Ray Appenzeller

      Serves him right for being a fatty?????????????? If I heard you personally on the street or in a store, you would have been punched out for being such an ignorant uncaring assh**e! Whatever negative things that happen to you in life you deserve it! I wish all negative things that happen to you be ten fold worse on you for being such a uncaring jerk! DBag!

    • Diane

      You should think before you speak because not everyone is perfect, and that certainly includes you!!!

    • http://Cheyanne Cheyanne

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    • http://yahoo t_girl

      Puck, You are just not a very kind person right now. I hope you don’t enjoy hurting people like this on a regular basis. Especially those close to you. People are grieving a loss. Toss out some kindness.

    • http://webpronews A redhead

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    • Kai Sose

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      So Puck, if you were to die, would it serve you right for being too stupid to live??

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    • Charles

      puck,did you ever think that maybe no onegives a dam about your sour attitude? Jim was a great actor and certainly didn`t deserve to die…….

    • Joe

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  • http://www.webpronews.com Ger Fox

    Sweet Dreams Mr Soprano or for real Mr Gandolfini. U will and already are so missed by so many fans of yours taht I know. RIP

  • http://www.webpronews.com Ger Fox

    Sweet Dreams Mr Soprano or in reality Mr Gandolfini. I cannot get over how many people that I know are in tears , me too! Baruch Chashem

  • Chuck Graydon

    Puck……needless to say is a fool,you have to feel a bit sorry for someone with that magnitude of ignorance.I was living abroad when the Soprano’s came out and when I did return home my nephew made me watch the entire volume of the Soprano’s.Loved it!!R.I.P. James(Tony)you will be missed.

  • Kai Sose

    Some people just are not meant to live to be 90-100, and Tony, er uh, James Gandolfini was one. R.I.P., Mob Boss.

  • truthdefenderdep

    Arnold Schwarzenegger had heart problems, and had to undergo heart surgery a few years ago. Anyone can have a fatal heart attack.

  • truthdefenderdep

    Sounds like Edie Falco, and James Gandolfini may have had some “private time prepping” in their dressing rooms.

  • meg

    The first time I saw James Gandolfini was in the movie Get Shorty. I thought he was adorable then and now am sad at his passing at such a young age. RIP Mr. Gandolfini. And my regards to his family.

  • Ken

    ok….The Soprano’s was a TV SHOW!
    These people take themselves way too seriously
    With all the murders, beatings and heists, the biggest crime was the finale

  • kujo

    In reality no one should really post anything about the jerk he just feeds off of it and we should not drop down to his level.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kujo

    James Gandolfini R.I.P. My heart go out to your family R.I.P. T.

    • Ken

      I give my best wishes to Jr’s family….his dad was Mr G to me
      Not to Tony Soprano

  • Myla Cree

    A wonderful actor gone way too soon. Reading what other actors, directors, and producers wrote on the Internet he was a fabulous person and a great a actor humble, sensitive and caring on and off the screen.As an ItalianAmerican from North Jersey he was singing our song…

  • Chuck

    I’m a diehard Soprano fan, but I think Edie (Carmela) made the show. She was the only one who really had James'(Tony’s) number. She proved she was more than Carmela, but she really impressed me with handling whatever was put in front of her. James(God rest his soul) was number one for that role, but one on one, I think Carmela coulda took him out if she wanted. Love you Edie, from miles away.

    • Terry

      Chuck, I can go with you on this, however; the relationship he had with his shrink (Braco) was deeper in a sense of really understanding the man. He shared with her what he wouldn’t tell his wife, nor is associates. Edie is a tremendous actress and I like her even more as Nurse Jackie; I miss the storyline arc and relationship she had with Eve Best. Excellence. I will steal your last sentence by seconding: “Love you Edie, from miles away”.

  • Arsenal1Again

    I think the most annoying thing about the Sopranos was hearing Edie Falco speaking like she has a clamp on her nose. That nasal “Toll kneeee” grated on me badly. I think she always looked older than her years in the show too. The character Margaret in Broadwalk Empire was the most annoying thing in that.

    Yes, Carmela was more annoying than than the Melfi borefest, at least I could fast forward through them during subsequent viewings …. something which is not practical to do with Carmela. Just a shame they had Edie Falco as the actress playing her. Pussy’s wife, Angie, would have been better as Carmela, as would Carmel.

    I did initially like Edie Falco but by season five she was a definite aggravation.