Edelman Tries PR Microformat

    December 6, 2006

Phil Gomes shares some perspective and insight on Edelman’s approach to the Social Media Press Release.

My take, generally speaking, is that iterative efforts are a good thing. The more energy and effort we (the PR industry) collectively invest in this concept, the closer we move toward an accepted standard.

If, however, we’re not all working toward this same goal, and instead get caught up with using proprietary formats and tools to posture and advance competitive agendas, then, sadly, the Social Media Press Release will die, die, die, quickly. [Update] Read Brian Oberkirch’s post on the SMPR, he makes some valid counterpoints regarding the approach and execution of this concept to date.

A random aside: despite the industry bitch slap heard around the world, I’m amazed at the way Edelman continues to outpace, out-innovate and if nothing else, out-market the big PR conglomerates when it comes to social media….

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