E-Commerce & Reputation Management

    February 6, 2007

The Internet is an informational repository with seemingly immeasurable limits, and as such anything you say in cyberspace will most likely be accessible at the click of a mouse for decades to come.

Reputation is the backbone to providing longevity for any business. Rarely is a company judged on its own marketing, but rather on the praises (or disillusionments) of customers who have had experience with its particular products and services.

When it comes to online business, the same rule applies. Particularly in e-mail marketing campaigns, there is a thin line between good promotion and spamming inboxes with irrelevant, tacky content. Being relegated to any e-mail client’s spam folder is the kiss of death to any company looking to engage in e-commerce.

Even without shady tactics, however, it’s estimated that the spam filters snag twenty percent of e-mail marketing messages before potential customers even have the opportunity to look them over. It’s one thing to earn a reputation for being a spam company, it’s quite another to have it thrust upon you.

That’s where Habeas comes in, a company specializing in reputation management for e-commerce.

Habeas provides its customers with an e-mail monitoring service designed to proactively manage their message reputations. Habeas monitors more than fifty email blocklists, alerts customers when changes in compliance rules occur and recommends actions on how to address reputation issues.

“E-commerce isn’t the future, it’s now. Today, successful email marketing campaigns are vital to businesses, and a good email reputation is vital to email marketing,” said Habeas CEO Des Cahill.

“Habeas’ email reputation management services help businesses reach their customers and avoid unnecessary spam filters. Reputable vendors reaching their targets results in increased returns.”

Direct marketing can be an effective tool, but only if it actually makes it into the hands of the target demographic. Habeas is a service geared toward making sure that’s exactly what happens.

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