Ecocho Must ‘Leaf’ Out AdSense

    April 24, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

A custom search engine that offered to plant trees in exchange for searches ended up banned from Google’s AdSense program.

Google and Ecocho evidently have a minor history of agreeing to disagree about Google’s AdSense policies. The Ecocho search site launched last week, ahead of Earth Day, with the promise to plant trees for every 1,000 searches performed.

Visitors had the option of selecting Yahoo or Google to deliver search results on Ecocho. In Google’s case, Ecocho displayed that search engine’s AdSense advertising alongside the results. However, Ecocho’s method of asking for searches offended Google, which shut Ecocho out of its AdSense program.

“In this case the site was in clear violation of our terms of service and we had previously warned the owner of past violations