Ebert And Roeper Move Online

    August 1, 2007

The popular movie review show "At The Movies with Ebert & Roeper" is launching a Website that will host a collection of video movie reviews.

The new site is called "The Balcony Archive" and will have 5,000 reviews, searchable by movie title, director and actor. Users will be able to watch current reviews and past reviews covering 20 years including "Siskel & Ebert" as well as the current" Ebert & Roeper."

New DVD release reviews will be posted to the site after each weekly broadcast of "Ebert & Roeper"and the entire collection will be available online.

"For years this was a dream," said Roger Ebert. "Now I am exhilarated that it is a reality, thanks to the enormous effort of digitizing something like 1,000 programs."

"It is always fascinating to go back and see what was being said about a film before it opened. The disagreements, between me and Siskel and Roeper, will be fun to revisit, and even more exciting will be our sense of discovery when we find something like ‘Boyz N the Hood,’ ‘Fargo,’ ‘Hoop Dreams,’ or ‘Monster.’ I may start searching around in this archive and never stop!"